Testimonial of our customer Swile about the Kyriba treasury management solution

Find the testimonial of our customer Swile about the recognized treasury management solution Kyriba and the personalized support provided by Absys Cyborg

Set up in Montpellier, the company Swile is a Fintech created in 2018 by Loïc Soubeyrand and positionned on the market of the employees advantages. Its mission is to become a global actor of the employee commitment, the company offers digital management solutions of the employee benefits (meal voucher, gift voucher) and a steering tool of the employee commitment through an app. Itd reason to exist : human and social bond

Why did Swile want to get equipped with a treasury solution ? 

With a volumetry of cash flows in hyper-growth, Swile wanted to get equipped with a treasury management solution able to support the international development and to centralize flows. The technicity of cash volume for third party account to handle being growing, the company needed to isolate and categorize flows in a way to "not have a reading error of what we own and what we does not" says Frédéric Chabrol, Swile's Finance VP. 

For this purpose, it is the treasury solution of the Kyriba editor that Swile chose. 

How did the Kyriba treasury software resolve Swile's problems ? 

Thanks to the "Cash and Paiement" modules of the Kyriba software, the entire treasury management was automated. The company can now face the technicity of its business. Furthermore, this automation allowed the company to facilitate the management of fraud attempts, money-laundering, thanks to a permanent financial control. From now on, Swile can precisely understand the flows while meeting regulatory requirements. Finally, the immediacy and the availability of data thanks to the Saas template of the Kyriba software has allowed to promote mobilities and to continue group activities. 

I’ve been using the Kyriba solution since its inception. I practically learned treasury management using it, starting with my internship and until now. When I first started at Swile, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were using this solution. It has clearly passed the test of time. When you pick Kyriba, you can't go wrong ! 
says Romain Giraudeau, Swile’s Cash Manager

How did Absys Cyborg support Swile's project ?

Absys Cyborg Montpellier has promoted a custom-made and proximity support to advise Swile on its next treasury software. The specialized consultant in treasury problems at Absys Cyborg have deployed the solution inside Swile's information system while creating a human and partner relationship with the Financial Direction of the company. 

I really appreciated the customized support we received when we were evaluating Kyriba and then the implementation support from Absys Cyborg’s treasury management consultants. This project has a lot of human aspects and that was incredible

Chabrol confides (VP Finance at Swile)

To learn more about Swile treasury project and the way Kyriba and Absys Cyborg accompanied the company, click on the link below :

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