Your international project with Absys Cyborg Global Solutions

Absys Cyborg supports you in your international digital transformation projects with our Global Solutions dedicated team (ACGS).

In this infographic, discover 4 good reasons to entrust your international IT project to the expert teams of Absys Cyborg Global Solutions

Absys Cyborg Global Solutions infographic

Acknowledged Experience

With over 15 years of expertise, we have gained solid experience through a broad range of more than 80 international projects with our ACGS experts.


Strategic Proximity

Our local and diversified expertise allows us to take into account legal and fiscal gaps, adapt to cultural and linguistic characteristics, and consider geographical distance and time zones.


Extensive Partner Network

Covering all continents, our partner network in more than 30 countries enables us to operate in any country and meet all the needs of our international clients.


Operational Agility

Our expertise in various Core / Kernel deployment strategies, as well as on issues of international finance and solution localization, makes us an agile partner for all our clients' international projects.

Today, the ACGS experts serves over 6000 users and 80 clients.

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