Integrator of your management solutions

Absys Cyborg helps you manage your information systems projects, from analysis to training via integration and deployment.

Our global approach to project management in information systems  

Throughout our partnership, we help you manage your project and drive change within your teams.  
Our overall project management approach is based on three pillars: consulting, deploying and supporting. 


Your Absys Cyborg project manager will advise you by providing an audit and support for the orientation and choice of your solution.


Your Absys Cyborg project manager ensures the project runs smoothly in all its phases:  

  • Launch and analysis;
  • Configuration and design;
  • Validation and training;
  • Go-live.  


Our support service offers you the responsiveness necessary for the day-to-day operation of your software. 


Absys Cyborg's deployment methodology

It adapts to all types of projects, whether simple or complex, national or international, mono/multi-site. Our project team is managed by the project leaders, who support you from pre-sales to the final acceptance
Our deployment methodology consists of four phases.

Phase 1 - Launch and analysis 

This is the project's initialisation and launch phase.  

  • Installation and activation of software and applications
  • General presentation of the solution
  • Analysis of your company's management rules
  • Analysis of gaps between needs and standard functionalities
  • Analysis of rework and interfaces
  • Analysis validation and report 

Phase 2 - Configuration and design 

This is the configuration phase of the solution.  

  • Drafting of the configuration file 
  • Design, development and testing of specific arrangements
  • Design, development and testing of interfaces
  • Creation and customisation of screens and states
  • Rights management and security
  • Access to publisher documentation 

Phase 3 - Training and validation 

This is the testing and training phase of your solution with your employees.  

  • Retrieval of test data 
  • Creation of customised training materials
  • Training for key users
  • Assistance with integration tests
  • Solution validation
  • Training for end users

Phase 4 - Go-live 

This is the live launch phase.  

  • Retrieval of real data
  • Commissioning of interfaces
  • Commissioning of the production environment
  • Go-live
  • Assistance with go-live
  • Go-live support and optimisation of your software throughout its use 


Highly flexible, Absys Cyborg has competent, certified and multidisciplinary personnel to adapt to all types of projects, even the most specific ones.

All Softwares related to the service: Implementation

Kyriba: cloud treasury software

Discover the power of cash management software as a service. Kyriba's cloud-based deployment model puts you in control of all of your company's cash management, forecasting and liquidity needs, all on a single platform. Designed for CFOs and business managers, Kyriba enables you to optimise your cash flow, control your metrics and reduce your financial risk.

Kyriba: cloud treasury software

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Unlock the full potential of your company with Microsoft CRM, the key to efficient customer management and better sales management. Don't let this opportunity slip away!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Microsoft, the world's leading software company, and Absys Cyborg offer you a full range of ERP adapted to your size and business sector.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Sage X3

Designed for companies wishing to improve their performance, flexibility and expertise, both in France and abroad, the Sage X3 ERP covers all your company's operational and business processes.

Sage X3

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