Absys Cyborg provides you with assistance and phone support throughout your software's life cycle.

Benefit from customised and high-quality support & assistance 

Our support service is based on a dedicated and expert organisation designed to meet your expectations in day-to-day use of your solution 

  • Accessible and responsive phone support
  • A dedicated and secure customer portal
  • High-quality responses and follow-up
  • Ongoing support in optimising your solution


Our operation: a dedicated and expert organisation

  • A unique response that takes your request into account, saves it for optimal monitoring and transfer to support teams
  • Direct access to our support centre via your customer portal
  • Guidance for your teams in using your solution on a daily basis
  • Dedicated teams for a more personalised relationship 


Recognised expertise for quality follow-up on your support requests

  • 60 specialised support consultants and engineers
  • 6 support centres dedicated by product line
  • Publisher certification programmes for all support teams
  • Expertise and continuous development of our support consultants' skills: in-depth knowledge of management, ongoing training in product development, practical experience of around 5 years in their field 


A proven methodology and adapted tools for complete and rapid resolution of your maintenance requests 

  • Methodology for handling and monitoring maintenance requests
  • Remote handling
  • File sharing in a dedicated and secure space 


Our support contracts for all after-sales services needed to support you 

The Absys Cyborg "assistance and services" contract provides you with permanent support in the daily use and functional and legal evolution of your solution.  

  • Phone assistance 
  • Remote maintenance
  • Customised and secure FTP access
  • Provision of functional and legal updates to your management software
  • Customer area available 24/7: 
    • News about your solution: new products, functional and legal information, online registration for events; 
    • Information on your contracts, quotes, orders and invoices as well as your usage licences and codes;
    • Possibility of providing your quotes and orders, software updates, intervention requests and requests for keys and annual codes;
    • Customised access to support services: online incident recording, history of your maintenance calls, reporting.  


If you want improved support and assistance, Absys Cyborg offers several contracts to meet your needs.

Premium offer  

Choose the Premium offer for privileged and customised services in addition to the classic contract.

  • Priority handling of your support requests
  • Privileged contacts in maintenance on request
  • Customised coaching by our support consultants: usage assessments, product optimisation points and additional needs diagnostics
  • Free access to our tailor-made offer for your additional requests
  • Different additional services depending on your solution

Serenity offer

Choose the Serenity offer for services in addition to the premium contract.  

  • Priority handling 
  • Privileged contacts
  • Customised coaching by our support consultants
  • Free access to our tailor-made offer
  • Different additional services
  • Customised access to Sage services and the Sage Club

Tailor-Made offer

In addition to your support contract, Absys Cyborg offers you the tailor-made offer, designed to meet your requests for additional services.  

Our tailor-made offer covers your requests for one-off interventions that go beyond the traditional framework of your phone support contract such as, for example, modifying the format or edition, Flash training for a new employee, simple additional configuration, etc. 

These services are carried out remotely by experienced consultants. 

The advantages of this offer are:  

  • Extensive possible responses to your employees' additional day-to-day needs;
  • Flexibility in organising your team's consumption;
  • Greater responsiveness in planning remote interventions. 


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