Our values

Absys Cyborg is a market leader in integrating management, ERP and CRM solutions for companies in France and abroad.

Ethics and compliance 

Within the framework of applying the Sapin 2 Law relating to the fight against corruption, we have to comply with a certain number of directives implemented at Keyrus group level concerning the anti-corruption code of conduct.  


Gender Equality Index 

Absys Cyborg achieved a score of 89/100 on the gender equality index. 

  • Pay gap between women and men : 39/40
  • Difference in the rate of individual increases (excluding promotion) between women and men : 20/20
  • Gap in promotion rates between women and men : 15/15
  • Percentage of employees who received a raise in the year following their return from maternity leave : 15/15
  • Number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 employees having received the highest salaries : 0/10


Our focus on the customer 

All our work is focused on satisfying our customers. This is why we have implemented an approach inspired by TQM (Total Quality Management) techniques, which constantly improves our practices in order to achieve the highest level in our services. We have 3,300 customers and a contract renewal rate of over 92%. 

  • Solutions adapted to your functional, technological and sectoral needs based on the publishers Sage, Microsoft Dynamics and Kyriba
  • A proven deployment methodology which guarantees quality and respect for deadlines 
  • A dual approach, in the office and in the field, to the commercial and technical relationship
  • An information system focused on the quality of customer relations
  • Our methods of work and project deployment take your specifics into account. Our team will listen to you in order to build a collaboration in a spirit of long-term partnership



Because responsiveness is important and each project is unique, Absys Cyborg is always within reach thanks to its 15 branches. 
Each of our branches has local sales and consulting resources, allowing you to work in a spirit of long-term partnership. This regional proximity allows us full control of the local specifics of our customers. 

Established in Belgium and England, with more than 21 international partners, Absys Cyborg can help you deploy your solutions on an international scale. 

At the service of its customers, Absys Cyborg regularly organises round tables, events and web conferences to give you the best advice. 



  • 35 years of experience (founded in 1987) 
  • Leader in integrating Sage, Microsoft Dynamics and Kyriba management solutions
  • 3,300 customers
  • 530 employees
  • Turnover: €71,3 million in 2021
  • Subsidiary of the Keyrus Group, company listed on the NYSE-Euronext Paris stock exchange

A partner of Sage for over 30 years and of Microsoft for 20, Absys Cyborg has received numerous distinctions including that of No. 1 partner in France and Europe. 

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