Absys Cyborg Cloud and Infrastructures & Networks

Absys Cyborg supports you in your Cloud and Infrastructures & Networks projects with dedicated and comprehensive offers.

Why choose Absys Cyborg Cloud?

In a highly competitive and globalised market, companies want to adapt their uses and IT needs according to the latest technological innovations, including cloud computing, to meet new business challenges. Customers are also looking for "agile" solutions and a Business Partner with a high level of expertise to support them in their project and be at their side throughout their digital transformation.


Absys Cyborg Cloud

To support its customers, Absys Cyborg, a managed service and multi-cloud provider, offers "Absys Cyborg Cloud": a simple and clear offer with easy implementation and a commitment to precise, high-quality services.  
 We have decided to select, aggregate and properly size the construction of a solution platform based on the offers we consider to be the best on the market.

  • For the public cloud, we support you on Microsoft Azure platforms.
  • For the private cloud, we support you on OVH platforms

We can support you with a private or public cloud offer or with a hybrid cloud offer.


Content of the Absys Cyborg Cloud offer  

Managed Application Hosting Services

  • Provision of the production infrastructure
  • Services for secure access to the platform
  • Data security and confidentiality services
  • Maintenance in Operational Condition (MOC) of the platform
  • Services Desk: 8/5 technical support & incident and change management

Catalogue of Additional Services 

  • Integration of third-party products. in Saas mode or Licence mode
  • Backup outsourcing
  • Business Recovery Plan (PRA)


   Services with Service Level Agreement (SLA)


The added value of Absys Cyborg Cloud


Efficiency: easier everyday use 

We bring you flexibility and agility as well as accessibility and mobility for application uses. Have your data anywhere, anytime, on any device. We guarantee a service commitment of 99.5% uptime. 

Efficiency: focus on your usage and your business 

In contrast to an "on-premise" mode, you no longer have to acquire or manage infrastructure environments. We free you from technical and operational concerns (upgrade, back-up, connectivity). You benefit seamlessly and simultaneously from Absys Cyborg support on the functional and infrastructure layers with a single responsible and committed contact.  

Security: future developments in the information system are enabled

Through our hosting solutions backed by two of the best players in the market, you benefit constantly from the highest levels of security attested by the best certifications. By working with a market professional, you mitigate your risks in terms of the GDPR concerning your customer, supplier and personal data. You work with a business partner who cares about you and knows your challenges, in a balanced relationship with a focus on loyalty and quality.


The benefits of the Absys Cyborg cloud 

  • Simplify your daily life
  • Turnkey service with a single contact
  • Control over IT budgets
  • Security and scalability
  • Free yourself from technical and environmental constraints
  • Data and applications accessible from anywhere and on any device
  • Put the focus back on your business by relieving yourself from managing and maintaining the infrastructure


The Absys Cyborg Infrastructure & Networks offer 

As well as the contract for your management solution, Absys Cyborg offers contracts dedicated to assistance with your infrastructure.

The Absys Cyborg "Server" contract

The "Server" contract lets you benefit from assistance from our Systems and Networks teams. 

  • With server administration
  • Assistance with handling and testing backup and restore functions
  • Access to manufacturer or publisher support via Absys Cyborg

With the "Supervised Server" option:  

  • Monitoring of active components and processes
  • Alarm handling  

With the "Firewall Contract" option:  

  • Diagnosis and assistance in administering and operating the Firewall
  • Help with configuration
  • Access to manufacturer support via Absys Cyborg

The Absys Cyborg "MS SQL database" contract 

The "MS SQL Database" contract lets you turn to Absys Cyborg's Systems and Networks teams for questions on administering your database.  

  • Help with administering your MS SQL instance
  • Assistance with handling and testing backup and restore functions
  • Performance monitoring 


All Softwares related to the service: Cloud

Kyriba: cloud treasury software

Designed for CFOs and business managers, Kyriba lets you optimise your cash flow, control your indicators and reduce your financial risks.

Kyriba: cloud treasury software

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft, the world's leading software company, and Absys Cyborg offer you a full range of software adapted to the size of your company and to your business sector.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Microsoft, the world's leading software company, and Absys Cyborg offer you a full range of ERP adapted to your size and business sector.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Sage X3

Designed for companies wishing to improve their performance, flexibility and expertise, both in France and abroad, the Sage X3 ERP covers all your company's operational and business processes.

Sage X3

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