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For multinational companies, large international groups or simply an SME which is developing internationally, Absys Cyborg supports your ERP and/or CRM projects with its network across 50 countries and its project methodology.

Why choose Absys Cyborg Global Solutions ? 

Thanks to its vast experience from a broad range of over 80 international projects, Absys Cyborg brings you the right response thanks to a proven deployment method and a network covering more than 50 countries.  

Take advantage of our services for: 

  • Companies which already have an international presence; 
  • Subsidiaries of a global group; 
  • Developing new markets;
  • Acquiring companies abroad.  

You can also consider collaborating with ACGS as part of your digital transformation:  

  • Obsolete IT system for international activities; 
  • No IT system implemented internationally;
  • Transforming the business model: new offer, new product, new activity… ;
  • New business strategies.  

With recognised expertise on issues specific to international ERP and CRM projects, we offer you our proven deployment methods, adapted to international projects of all sizes.  

Our mastery of different Core/Kernel deployment strategies, international finance issues and localisation of Group solutions enables us to support you in any type of IS project on an international scale.  


6 points to watch out for when choosing an international ERP  

  • Consideration of legal and tax-related differences
  • Adaptation to cultural and linguistic differences 
  • Anticipation of resistance to change depending on cultures, geographies or context 
  • Choose a project partner with international expertise for successful deployment
  • Pay attention to distance and different time zones 
  • Sustainability of local partners 


What is the international methodology of our ACGS team?  

Absys Cyborg uses the Core Model methodology. It is a specific and fairly intuitive methodology.  

The Core Model methodology consists of two stages:  

  1. Constructing the Core Model
    • Defining group needs 
    • Defining specific developments like integrating a vertical solution or providing an add-on to meet all functional needs
    • Defining group customisations required to enhance the tool's standard, if necessary
  2. Localising the Core Model in different countries - Localised Core Model
    • Defining localisation needs
    • Defining local customisations if needed


The 14 essential features for an international ERP  

  • Real-time visibility of your financial, sales and inventory data
  • Integration of business processes that can encompass all components of an international group
  • A reliable management system adapted to an international context
  • Establishment of a Group Account Plan
  • Implementation of a single Group database allowing the consolidation and reliability of the system
  • Implementation of a local and global group account plan
  • Integration of business processes within the Group
  • Harmonisation of processes, systems and governance
  • Compliance with local accounting and tax rules as well as international regulations
  • Global deployment of a common Core Model
  • Rationalisation of solutions by size of subsidiary
  • Creation of a deployment kit
  • multi-legislative and multilingual management solution
  • Deployment of a management tool taking into account new uses: Cloud and Mobility 

All Softwares related to the service: Global Solutions

Kyriba: cloud treasury software

Discover the power of cash management software as a service. Kyriba's cloud-based deployment model puts you in control of all of your company's cash management, forecasting and liquidity needs, all on a single platform. Designed for CFOs and business managers, Kyriba enables you to optimise your cash flow, control your metrics and reduce your financial risk.

Kyriba: cloud treasury software

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft, the world's leading software company, and Absys Cyborg offer you a full range of software adapted to the size of your company and to your business sector.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Microsoft, the world's leading software company, and Absys Cyborg offer you a full range of ERP adapted to your size and business sector.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Sage X3

Designed for companies wishing to improve their performance, flexibility and expertise, both in France and abroad, the Sage X3 ERP covers all your company's operational and business processes.

Sage X3

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