Absys Cyborg Global Solutions for your international ERP and CRM projects

Whether you are a multi-country enterprise, an international corporation, or an SME looking to expand abroad, our Absys Cyborg Global Solutions offer is tailored to meet your needs. With a dedicated team and our specific project methodology, we support you in your international ERP and/or CRM projects.

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Expand the boundaries of your ERP or CRM solution 

The number one objective of Absys Cyborg Global Solutions is to help you develop an IT system that transcends geographical borders, languages, time zones, etc.

Having assisted both SMEs and international corporations for over 15 years, our dedicated experts help you with large-scale projects. Benefit from our expertise, gained through more than 80 internationally deployed projects and a team ready to listen to your needs.


Does Absys Cyborg Global Solutions meet your needs ?

The answer is YES if you are :

  • a company with an international presence
  • a subsidiary of a global group
  • expanding into new markets (whether it is through establishment or acquisition)

And if you have :

  • an outdated IT system for international activities
  • an IT system not implemented for international transactions
  • a business model undergoing transformation : a new offer, new product, or new activity
  • a new Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reduction strategy

Do you need assistance with your international IT development project, but do not know where to start ? Our team of experts will provide you with a tailored response based on proven methods to guide you in choosing your solution and its deployment.


An international expertise : essential for a successful deployment


A network of 60 partners, the foundation of a global service

Covering all continents and over 30 countries, Absys Cyborg's international partner network allows for the handling of your most complex projects. Guaranteeing proximity and adaptability, we can intervene wherever you are, regardless of your needs, to provide a local and relevant expertise.

The specificities of an international IT project

This type of project is often of considerable scope and may present specific challenges. Several elements punctuate the deployment of a software solution internationally :

  • Legal and fiscal adjustments 
  • Cultural and linguistic adjustments
  • Possible resistance to change

Choosing to rely on a specialized team ensures that all possible points of concern are considered and anticipated. Needs analysis, financial specificities, data sharing—everything will be studied by our experts to ensure the smooth progress of your international project, aligned with your needs and constraints.

To address the various issues specific to ERP and CRM projects, Absys Cyborg Global Solutions relies on its deployment method tailored to international projects of all sizes.


A deployment based on the Core Model, proven for years

The Absys Cyborg Global Solutions team relies on the Core Model method to build solutions adapted and relevant to international IT issues. This methodology allows for large-scale deployments while considering structural and specific differences among the entities involved in the project. How ? By standardizing systems and processes where possible, and then adapting management methods and treatments to each country as needed. For this purpose, Absys Cyborg relies on its network of international partners, closely aligned with local regulations and needs.

1.      Construction of the Core Model

  • Definition of group needs

  • Definition of specific developments, such as integrating a vertical solution or adding an add-on to meet all functional needs

  • Definition of required group customizations to enrich the tool's standard if necessary

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2.      Localization of the Core Model in different countries - Localized Core Model

  • Definition of localization needs

  • Definition of local customizations if necessary

Although generalist, this system is not rigid and can be adapted based on impacting changes. The main advantage of the Core Model is its ability to align different uses and data, gaining visibility and facilitating operations management. And thus, enhancing the overall performance and efficiency of your organization.



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