Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Office suite

Microsoft 365, formerly Microsoft Office suite allows your employees to create, share and collaborate in real time on your Microsoft applications: the Office suite, Teams, SharePoint…

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What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365, formerly Microsoft Office suite is a cloud-based productivity solution that includes collaborative tools such as Outlook, Teams, the Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), SharePoint


Why choose Microsoft 365 for your company?

 Discover the benefits of Microsoft 365 solution.

A suite of collaborative tools

Cooperate efficiently with Microsoft 365. Thanks to this suite of collaborative tools from Microsoft, you can :

  • Exchange and make calls
  • Organize your meetings
  • Share your calendars with your teams
  • Work anywhere from any device


Better productivity

Microsoft 365 can highly improve the productivity of your company. You can automate all your business processes and share documents with your teams in the cloud.

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Secure storage

Your files and those of your teams are stored in the OneDrive application.

Microsoft 365 is a solution designed to defend against cyber attacks. Indeed, your information and your customer data benefit from a high level of security.

Moreover, you can manage users and device access.


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What are the applications of Microsoft 365 ?

Discover all the applications that make up the Microsoft 365 solution.

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With Outlook, your mails, calendars, and contacts are gathered in the same place. You can also use Outlook on your mobile. It allows you to stay connected and organised wherever you are. Outlook always protects your information and email exchanges.

Microsoft teams

Microsoft teams is more than an instant messaging. Except the calls and interactions with your colleagues, you can also carry out several projects at the same time. Microsoft Teams allows you to create and share documents and files from your projects, safely.

The Teams application helps you to keep in touch and create a good work dynamic.


SharePoint is a mobile intranet solution from Microsoft 365. Thanks to this application, you can share and manage content for your employees. You can quickly share information and boost teamwork within your organisation.


OneDrive, an online storage space designed for businesses allows you to access all your files and collaborate in real time with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the web wherever you are.

All your files and documents are easily stored and shared within Microsoft 365. Off-line changes are automatically synchronized the next time you log in.

The OneDrive application is also available on mobile to access your information on the go.

OneDrive has a high level of security for your data storage. Administrators can manage security policies and your users’ rights.


Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)

The Office 365 suite consists of 3 applications:

  • Word: word processing program for creating, formatting and editing documents
  • Excel: application for creating spreadsheets and formatting your data with graphs and diagrams
  • PowerPoint: application for creating slideshows

With this Microsoft Office suite, directly connected to OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, your teams can work in real time on the same documents on any device (mobile, tablet computer or desktop).


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