Does your business need a production management software?

Production management software allows companies to manage and optimise all production flows in a company. A planning tool is essential to avoid repeated malfunctions, a slowdown in the production chain or a poor evaluation of logistics needs. Discover our solutions for optimizing your production management which essential for saving time and increasing profitability.

What is production management?

Production management allows companies to organise all aspects of production: production flows, stocks, purchases, orders, traceability, cost, manufacturing planning etc.

The main objective of these actions is to optimise the production chain in terms of efficiency, productivity, and quality.

Industrial companies often face problems of technical data analysis, information sharing and real time communication.

The production cycle consists of three stages:

  • Scheduling: allocation of production orders to machines, production planning
  • Production: machine operation, operator management and raw material stock management
  • Control and recording: quality control, recording of stock movements, time recording

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Why choose a production management software?

A production management software is necessary for many companies in order to meet specific needs, improve their productivity and traceability.

Choosing a production management solution allows to manage an industrial company activity thanks to the control of the flows and the planning of production. Company-specific indicators can be set up to ensure activity management and decision-making.

Storage is a key element of production management. Computerization allows data to be stored quickly and securely. You can also perform calculations via the tool in order to obtain visibility on the production balances and analyses of the various data contained in the production management. You can also run simulations to make the best production choices. Production management solves frequent problems such as the non-existent interconnection between the different departments of the company, the uncertainty about data quality etc.

Optimal cost management is a key issue in production. ERP solutions automate the process of calculating production, purchasing and transport costs. This allows you to reduce data entry errors.

Industrial traceability is one of the key elements for industrial companies. This is why some ERP systems provide you with global visibility on the entire manufacturing process and precise information on each stage of product processing.

Production management software also provides you the production balance sheet and figures in order to better target areas for improvement. Thanks to these tools, you can save time by using a shared data space, in real time.


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The main features of a production management solution

Discover the main features of a production management solution:

  •  Technical data management
  • Material requirement planning (MRP)
  • Generation scheduling
  • Manufacturing monitoring and traceability
  • Cost management
  • Decision support
  • Sales/purchase/supply management
  • Financial management & management control
  • Logistics management
  • Quality management
  • Management of after sales support


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The benefits of a production management software

A production management software manages all the processes of a company and offers you some benefits such as:

  • Production information in a single, secure environment
  • All-in-one software that saves you the expense of separate software for each production activity
  • Time saving through the automation of process
  • Better predictability of lead times
  • Better stock management
  • Reduction of errors
  • More speed and accuracy
  • Lower production cost


Why should you trust Absys Cyborg for the integration of a production management software?

Our software corresponding to the production needs proposed by the editors Sage and Microsoft meet the specific needs of your sector of activity in terms of batch tracking, traceability of articles, management of formulas and recipes, quality assurance, etc.

Absys Cyborg has more than 30 years of experience in the integration of scalable and flexible management solutions. Take advantage of the expertise of our consultants to help you choose the solution best suited to your needs and business challenges.

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