Kyriba: cloud treasury software

Discover the power of cash management software as a service. Kyriba's cloud-based deployment model puts you in control of all of your company's cash management, forecasting and liquidity needs, all on a single platform. Designed for CFOs and business managers, Kyriba enables you to optimise your cash flow, control your metrics and reduce your financial risk.

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A cash management and financial management solution

Kyriba software is developed for CFOs and corporate treasurers who need to optimise, their cash management, clarify cash management and reporting. The platform offers high security, excellent bank connectivity and cash forecasting capacities.

This software is usually designed for corporate treasurers to improve efficiency and reduce managing cost for the treasury function. It reduces risk through improved business continuity, easy implementation, predefined workflows, and scalability. Pricing for this SaaS is subscription-based and depends on the module chosen by users.


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Kyriba, the first cloud platform for Treasury and Finance

Kyriba provides finance professionals, treasurers and CFOs with best-in-class online treasury solution software and cash management technologies. The company’s products are used by more than 1,800 treasury clients to strengthen financial controls, optimise global visibility and improve operational productivity in their risk management operations.

Kyriba’s software solution allow finance teams, corporate treasurers, and CFOs to make informed investments decisions. The tools are fully digitized and offer the benefits of SaaS deployment.

They are also scalable and modular and are a more cost-effective option than traditional systems. Kyriba has been audited to meet the SOC Type 2 standard, which means clients can can easily comply with external and internal information security policies.


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Key benefits of Kyriba Cash management software


Kyriba provides timely global cash visibility, enabling treasury teams to make accurate forecasts. The software has sophisticated cash forecasting capabilities with options for importing, entering, modelling, and determining the effectiveness of cash forecasts.


Kyriba offers a wide range of tools to increase automation and improve your treasury team productivity. Kyriba users take advantage of an efficient transaction processing through task automation and process re-engineering.

Treasury Controls

Kyriba helps to improve internal treasury controls, introduce a structured workflow and reduce operational risks to achieve regulatory compliance. To reduce the risk of fraud, Kyriba offers a comprehensive set of payment controls.


Why choose the Kyriba treasury management solution?

  • Treasury management software with SaaS architecture
  • Accessible from a mobile
  • Fixed subscription depending on the modules you use
  • No hidden maintenance or update costs
  • All your data and settings saved
  • Your work is never interrupted by a technical fault
  • Use of SOC 2 Type II security audit, the most successful for Cloud solutions
  • Protected and secure data
  • Know the state of your bank accounts around the world in real time
  • Forecast future cash requirements
  • Know the state of your finances so as to make optimal decisions
  • Manage working capital and orchestrate payment facilities
  • Control the entire payment chain and protect yourself from fraud
  • Increase productivity


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The business coverage of Kyriba treasury software

Treasury management

View your bank accounts and make cash flow forecasts.

  • Treasury management
  • Cash flow projections
  • Centralised management of cash and internal banking operations
  • Multilateral netting
  • Bank relationship management
  • Financial transactions
  • Accounting and compliance


Centralise your payments, set up a validation flow and pay your suppliers worldwide.

  • Cash payments
  • Payment Hub
  • Payment connectivity
  • Format transformation
  • Fraud detection


Risk management

Visualise your exposure to foreign exchange and interest rates.

  • Risk exposure management
  • Market value assessment
  • Derivative and hedge accounting
  • Risk analysis
  • Accounting for rental contracts

Working capital

Reduce the WCR by dynamic discounting or reverse factoring.

  • Supply-chain finance
  • Dynamic discounting


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