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With Kyriba, transform the way you use your cash to make it a dynamic vector of growth and value creation.


The advantages of Kyriba treasury software

  • Pioneer in cloud treasury and finance management  solutions
  • A connected ecosystem
  • A 100% SaaS treasury management solution
  • Strong security to protect your data and the Kyriba platform
  • Data and information visualisation for faster decision-making


What can the Kyriba cloud treasury solution be used for?

  • Cash visibility
  • Foreign-currency risk management
  • Centralisation of payments
  • Fraud prevention
  • Audit and compliance
  • Working capital requirements


Who is Kyriba's treasury management software intended for?

The Kyriba treasury solution for financial management 

Kyriba supports your company's financial management by providing: reliable and timely data necessary for decision-making, information gathered by business intelligence on the current and future global liquidity position, as well as tools and reports to minimise risk and fraud upstream.

The Kyriba treasury solution for the Treasury team

Kyriba supports your company's treasury team by providing: operational intelligence relating to financial decisions, rationalisation of treasury processes to improve data and statements of the treasury situation, and reliable and precise forecasts.

The Kyriba treasury solution for IT management

Kyriba supports your company's IT department by providing: ongoing maintenance and support, a reduction of the overall cost of IT ownership, constant innovation for users, and better levels of service and assistance


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Kyriba: cloud treasury software

    Designed for CFOs and business managers, Kyriba lets you optimise your cash flow, control your indicators and reduce your financial risks.
Kyriba: cloud treasury software

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