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Designed for companies wishing to improve their performance, flexibility and expertise, both in France and abroad, the Sage X3 ERP covers all your company's operational and business processes.

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Manage your business with improved agility with Sage X3: the international ERP for both SMEs and large companies.

With Sage X3, you regain control through a faster, simpler and more flexible solution.


Increase your speed in all your activities with Sage X3

Sage X3 speeds up all your activities, from purchasing to production, through inventory management, sales, customer service, and finance.
This solution allows users to scrutinize the key areas of their tasks and ensures better visibility of costs and performance, thanks to its reporting and business intelligence function.




Greater simplicity with Sage ERP

Sage X3 adapts to users' specific workstations, preferences and workflows. With secure cloud and mobile access, your employees can access the information they need whenever they want it and on their preferred device.
Sage X3 simplifies the management of your company's software infrastructure through a unified suite of applications. The solution can be deployed in the cloud or in your data centre to ensure total control of your IT strategy.


Greater flexibility to meet your sector needs, constraints and challenges with Sage X3

Sage X3 ERP covers all your company's business needs, as well as the specific rules and processes deployed in your field of activity, thanks to its configuration options and flexible applications.
The installation of one single software unit is enough to simplify management between several establishments, companies/commercial entities, regions and countries.




The main features of Sage X3

With Sage X3, you benefit from an all-in-one ERP.

International management

Sage ERP is a business management software that supports you as you develop internationally.
With its features that are:

  • Multilingual
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-legislation
  • Multi-accounting standards
  • International standards compliant

You can easily manage the relationship with your suppliers, subcontractors, partners and customers.

Financial management

Monitor your performance precisely and enjoy global visibility in real time, while taking account of local operational requirements.

  • General ledger
  • Cash flow management
  • Bank management
  • Costs and analytical accounting
  • Expenditure, budgets and commitments
  • Fixed assets: easily and efficiently monitor your company's fixed assets throughout their life cycle
  • Financial reports: take advantage of directly usable analyses to make faster and more strategic decisions

Supply chain management

With Sage X3, you can adapt to demand and ensure optimal efficiency by monitoring inventory status in real time.

  • Purchasing: manage your suppliers and your purchasing process seamlessly
  • Stock management: optimise your stocks in real time
  • Sales management: improve your performance by quickly and easily consulting data on your products, prices, discounts and carriers
  • Customer service: ensure that your customers are satisfied by providing them with the best possible experience


Production management

Sage X3 enables you to speed up the marketing of your products effectively by managing all manufacturing processes within a complete system.

  • Planning BOMs: efficient management of BOMs to ensure a better level of product consistency and quality
  • Workshop management: improving your workshop performance through monitoring and optimal management of all aspects of production
  • Quality control: maintaining the high quality of your products by using tools and effective procedures adapted to your needs
  • Project management: an integrated and efficient project management tool to carry out all your projects

The advantages of Sage X3

  • Scope for collaboration: strengthen the efficiency and collaboration of your teams by bringing document flows together in a single library
  • Workspace: increase your efficiency by personalising your workspace with data that are relevant to your employees' departments and positions
  • Mobility: consult your data wherever you want, whenever you want, and on all Android- and iOS-compatible devices

All Softwares included in the Sage X3 solution

Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Sage Enterprise Intelligence, a Business Intelligence solution, helps you make better decisions more quickly, providing all the relevant data you need.

  • Rapid and accurate consolidation of financial data
  • Effortless creation of custom reports
  • In-depth analysis of business performance
  • Intuitive visualization of key indicators
  • Improved information sharing

Sage Enterprise Intelligence is an essential tool for companies seeking to optimize their performance and maximize profitability.

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Sage Enterprise Intelligence

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