5 steps to gaining clearer cash visibility

Cash flow is a key indicator of a company's financial health. Discover through this e-book the different steps to get a better visibility on the cash flow of a company.

What is cash visibility?

Cash flow visibility facilitates decision making. It also provides an overview of the company's cash flow. It also allows treasurers to :

  • Invest cash strategically
  • Support the CEO, CFO in strategic initiatives with the right levels of cash and liquidity
  • Use cash management structures effectively
  • Minimize debt and interest expense
  • Reduce bank fees
  • Bolster treasury’s reputation within the organization


Why is cash visibility important?

Cash visibility allows companies to strategically optimize cash management while reducing financial risks (debt, interest expenses, etc.)

Indeed, lack of visibility can lead to unexpected expenses, poor cash flow, or unnecessary bank fees and costs.

The use of cash management solutions such as Kyriba's internal cash management software allows for better management of a company's cash flow and helps finance departments make better decisions.

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The path to visibility

There are several steps that treasurers must follow to best manage a company's financial situation.

  1.  Identify and record a complete cash visibility
  2. Prioritize and Rationalize
  3. Automate Bank Connectivity and Reporting
  4. Generate and Streamline Cash Positioning with Liquidity Forecasting
  5. Enhance and Optimize Cash Reporting and Liquidity Forecasting


The benefits of cash visibility

There are many benefits for treasurers with a complete view of the cash position:

  • Make timely and confident decisions
  • Pay down external borrowing
  • Invest strategically
  • Gain a clearer picture of risk exposures
  • Reduced bank fees
  • Optimize planning of borrowing and lending operation

New platforms are now available on the market to offer new products and services to customers such as real-time banking reporting. Treasurers can thus get an overview of real-time visibility. Organizations can thus earn a competitive advantage in the utilization and deployment of cash.

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