Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Choose a simple, Sage X3-compatible tool that allows users to access company data, build tables in just a few clicks and analyse them independently.

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Sage Enterprise Intelligence is an intuitive Business Intelligence solution and integrates with your Sage Enterprise Management system to help users reduce reporting and analysis time, and so to make informed decisions faster. 


Why choose Sage Enterprise Intelligence software?

Sage Enterprise Intelligence simplifies the reporting process.

Empower users to produce reports and analyse information through easy-to-use tools by offering them an intuitive and user-friendly Business Intelligence solution.


Improve your productivity with Business Intelligence Sage X3-compatible software.

Reduce the time spent on reporting and analysis so as to speed up your decision-making by providing your users with fast and reliable access to information.


Sage Enterprise Intelligence provides a more comprehensive coverage.

Get a clear overview of your activity as a whole and increase collaboration between departments. The rapid and secure integration of the Sage X3 solution ensures the reliability of strategic business information, provides users with consistent business data visibility in real time, facilitates informed decision-making and helps to improve transversal collaboration.


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The main features of Sage Enterprise Intelligence

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Compatibility with many browsers
  • Real-time data, full integration with Sage X3
  • Fast processing of large amounts of data
  • Key performance indicators and ready-to-use models
  • Extensive data visualisation (indicators, maps, graphs)
  • Numerous search functions
  • Mobile functionality
  • Microsoft® and Excel® plug-in
  • Integration with your business management solution and other sources
  • Immediately usable analyses


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The benefits of Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Executive management

  • Decide quickly and reliably with comprehensive and up-to-date reports
  • Boost the growth of your business and encourage better performance from your employees

Financial management

  • Budget accurately to reduce discrepancies between forecast and actual
  • Format financial reports effortlessly for your stakeholders

Commercial management

  • Identify the targets on which to deploy your efforts
  • View all of your business in order to monitor it better

Production management

  • Know your consumption and your stocks, and refine your forecasts to avoid surpluses
  • Analyse production problems so as to take corrective action

IT services management

  • Consolidate your data for greater clarity
  • Reduce your bandwidth to focus on protection and administration tasks

For all employees

  • Be self-reliant to consult company data, without specific skills



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