How to boost the adoption of business software in companies?

Management software can improve a company’s growth. It can have an impact on the productivity and employees’ well-being. Therefore, it is recommended to adopt good adoption practices in order to promote the digital transformation of a company.

18 May 2022

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Listen to your employees

For a successful software adoption, it is important to listen to your employees. By gathering their feedbacks, you can identify their needs and the tools they find difficult to use.

By using as much data as possible, you can increase users’ commitment with your tools through metrics that can help improve software usability such as measuring productivity, analyzing training time, their feedback, and the features that your support teams are the most likely to use.

Putting yourself in your employees’ place is a key element to better understand change management. In a company, change management starts with considering the personalities of your employees in order to better adapt the software adoption.

In order to manage change effectively, it is essential to explain to your employees what the software can do for them in comparison to your other tools. You can also put forward strong arguments such as a better task distribution thanks to the integration of an organization platform linked to Microsoft management software, for example. Management software also ensures the share of documents and promotes interactions between all employees. Your teams will save both time and productivity.


Communicate throughout the business software change project

Communication plays a key role in the adoption of a management software. New software involves an important change in the users’ daily tasks. Therefore, it is advisable to involve all your users for a successful software adoption.

Interaction with your users leads to ease of adoption and improvement. Every interaction with your users is perceived as an opportunity to make the changeover project a success. Communication is also about valuing your work. Do not hesitate to arouse interest in your employees by congratulating them on their results or involve them in the project by asking for their opinions on the various tools.

Communicate with your employees will help you to understand your tools benefits. It will also help your employees understand why you want to implement management software and how it can help them in their daily work.

By scheduling regular meeting or coffee talks for smaller companies, you can explain the upcoming changes and take the time to answer questions from individual users.

Call on internal ambassadors can be an effective way to talk about the chosen management software and encourage your users to adopt it. Their feedback will make it easier to convince their colleagues. Ambassadors play a key role in the deployment of management software. They will also act as support during project implementation.


Set up a training plan for your management software

The training plan is used to summarise the goals to be achieved, the actions and the costing. It contributes to the recognition and motivation of your employees and to the well-being of the company.

Creating on-boarding workshops is an interesting way to train your users in the functionalities of the management software. The creation of an on-boarding group will help your users get to grips with the management solution. An employee’s first impression of the tools will have an impact on both their interest and their performance.

Guides or webinars are levers that can be used to trigger a company’s digital transformation. They can help your users to save time in the implementation of your management tool. Setting up a FAQ will also allow you to list all the recurring questions your employees have about the tool.

Digital adoption platform (DAPs) accessible directly from your CRM and ERP solutions are also effective ways to train your users.

Boosting software adoption in companies is essentially a human-oriented action. It is necessary to adapt the support to the way employees use the management solution. This is why the implementation of a training plan, or a personalized course are two ways of strengthening their commitment.

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