How to create you ERP project team?

When the management has approved your ERP project, it is time to launch your project. Indeed, you will have to put together a team for this ERP project. Setting up a team will allow you to structure your ERP project because the team will be entirely dedicated to project management.

10 January 2023

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Define the goals of your ERP project

Each project is specific to each company. It will depend on your challenges and problems. Firstly, it will be important to define your needs in a set of specifications in order to have an overview of the project.

The definition of these objectives will give you an idea of the people to involve in your ERP project. 


Determine the roles and scopes of each person

The success of an IT project depends on its preparation and also the composition of your project team.

Once the objectives have been defined, it is essential to determine the roles of each member of your ERP project team. Otherwise, you will need to create the project team organization chart so that each member of the team is aware of their scope.

However, before putting together the project team, keep in mind that your team should be proportional to the size of your project. Furthermore, the people you choose should have cross-disciplinary skills capable of covering all the issues of your ERP project.

Do not only include members of the board or managers. Business experts from your company will be able to bring another vision to your project.

Your ERP project team should be composed of the following profiles:

  • The project director’s role is to represent the general management of your company. He is the conductor of your project. He sets the general goals and takes strategic decisions. He also manages the budget and ensures that the ERP project runs smoothly.
  • The project manager ensures the implementation of the project and manages the various team members. He also ensures that the deadlines set for each stage of the project are met.
  • The key users are often technical experts. They represent the various departments in your organization. They are interested in the technical aspects of your ERP project. They also take care of the functional configuration of your ERP software.
  • The user team is made up of end users of the ERP solution. They will be required to use your future ERP. Their role is to test the ERP in order to ensure that it meets the business requirements.
  • The IT team is responsible for technical modifications.


Creating team spirit

Your team needs complementary skills. However, their personality also has to match between each other’s. This may have a positive or negative impact on the smooth running of your project. It is therefore important to develop a team spirit between the actors of the IT project.

Communication is one of the foundations of project management. Frequent communication will allow your project team to avoid unsaid things and to clarify some relevant points regarding your IT project.

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