Production monitoring: an essential process

In a company, the production follow-up represents an important process that allows gain in efficiency and productivity. Several criteria must then be considered but also several tools set up to be able to go always further towards its objectives. The optimization of certain processes becomes necessary in order to favour the production follow-up. But why is it so important to monitor production? What are the necessary tools?

30 May 2022

  • Production monitoring: an essential process

What is production monitoring?

Production monitoring aimed at keeping an eye on each stage of the production of a product or service in a company. Indeed, a production line may encounter certain problems more or less frequently. Identifying these problems will enable a solution to be found quickly and concretely. Production monitoring will then facilitate this identification.

This monitoring is based on recording the performance of a production line in real time. It is therefore a massive collection of data that is then sorted and analysed by software. Managers and employees can then have a global or even more precise view of the process in progress so that they can intervene if it needs.

Indeed, production monitoring allows several actions to be synergized in order to gain in productivity, such as purchasing and stock management or the processing of customer orders and supplies suppliers. The aim of production monitoring is therefore to quickly and efficiently solve problems encountered, but also to improve the company's productivity by opting for a more fluid and uniform operation.


What are the benefits of good production monitoring?

The more a company is destined to expand its activity and develop, the more it will have an interest in implementing adequate production monitoring. This will have several repercussions on its activity, such as:

  • A better overview of the manufacturing process
  • A better supervision of the operators
  • A constant review of the production line
  • Processing of a large amount of data
  • Improved productivity of employees and the company as a whole
  • Reduction of certain expenses
  • A possibility to guarantee delivery without delay

A company has several advantages to implement an efficient production monitoring but above all by implementing actions based on the data collected. It is therefore essential to choose a tool that will support the process in an appropriate manner.


Sage: production monitoring software solution

As the market leader in production monitoring, Sage software is most often recommended. This production chain monitoring tool aims to summarise all the information collected during the production process. Whether it is a question of supply, stocks, the manufacturing cycle or other, a lot of data is collected and processed by Sage.

Indeed, Sage does not only collect a lot of data. It will be able to process it to read it, but also to implement forecasting and process optimisation tools. A series of indicators delivered in real time thus make it possible to make the necessary adjustments throughout the production monitoring process.


How to integrate this solution into your company?

As a Sage software integrator, Absys Cyborg is able to carry out the integration but also to accompany the teams in the handling of the software. The goal is to install, but also to parameterize the software in a precise way so that the production chain is correctly followed and that the company can collect the necessary data.

The offer is fully customisable and very diverse, which means that a solution can be found that is adapted to the structure and size of the company concerned. Available in Cloud or On-Premises mode, Sage can be installed according to the company's preference. Sage X3 is one of the solutions offered by the publisher Sage for production monitoring. This is a real opportunity for any company to find the solution that suits it.

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