Understand the evolution From CRM to CEM

In companies today, it is almost necessary to have a CRM as part of their customer relationship management. However, we do not know what a CEM is. It also provides better customer care relationship and also enables the company to increase. What is the difference between the two? Which one to choose?

30 August 2022

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CRM: the first solution

In order to choose between CRM and CEM, it is better to understand the difference between these two solutions. The first of the two solutions to be developed is CRM. Today, it is considered as an internal marketing tool that aims to take care of customer relations by focusing on efficiency and productivity. It is dedicated to the optimization of processes to benefit from better customer relationship management. Marketing and sales are therefore at the heart of this tool, which can be used by several departments in the company. It is also a real customer database.

However, CRM does not consider the user experience. Indeed, the increase in commercial performance is very present, but the measurement and improvement of the user experience can be put aside, which justifies the appearance of a new tool with the CEM and implies the comparison between CRM and CEM.


Understanding what CEM is

CEM focuses even more on the customer and his experience. It allows us to get to know them better and learn in order to know more about their reactions to a brand or product. It allows us to understand how they experience each stage of the process, from advertising to after sales service via marketing and the act of buying. When we compare CRM to CEM, we can say that CEM aims to implement ways to influence customer behaviour based on what is known about their experience.

Thanks to CEM, the company can therefore monitor, analyze and optimize customer interactions throughout the customer journey to provide a more relevant and positive experience. When comparing CRM to CEM, two different objectives and two different means of actions are implemented.



The question of customer experience management vs customer relationship management is more than ever at the heart of many companies’ concerns. In the current context, it may be difficult for a company to find new customers but also to find ways to keep existing customers. This is where the question of CRM vs CEM as the most appropriate tool arises. As the latter is an evolution of the first one, it is better to use both.

It is therefore not necessary to abandon the CRM methods of implementing marketing processes to improve customer relations, but it is also better to consider the experience on the whole to find the areas of improvement. When we compare CRM to CEM, we are talking about two visions that can be quite complementary. This is an occasion for a company to adopt a customer-centric strategy which seems to be the best way to get ahead of the competition.


How to apply these methods?

Beyond the choice between customer experience management and customer relationship management, it is recommended to find real tools that will enable the implementation of these two visions.

There is now software available that has been designed and that allows companies to benefit from turnkey solutions like Microsoft software for analysing and archiving a large amount of customer relationship data that will be very useful when implementing new processes.

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