What are the advantages of the cloud for an SMB?

Nowadays, a lot of SMBs are favouring cloud solutions to outsource their information system to servers. The use of the cloud is a key step in companies’ digital transformation. It offers many advantages in terms of cost, mobility, and data protection. Discover how the cloud can be a growth driver for SMBs.

13 September 2022

What is the cloud?

The cloud is a remote form of computing services (software, servers, data storage). It provides computing power, storage space and executable software in one single environment.

Short for “cloud computing”, the cloud is accessible from anywhere at any time via a secure and protected connection to the internet.

The flexibility of the cloud allows the service chosen to be tailored to the needs of a business.

Companies and employees have several storage server fields called “data centers” which can be accessed from the browser. The storage space is outsourced to the data cloud, which is called, scalability.


The 4 benefits of the cloud for SMBs

Digital transformation is an opportunity for companies and especially SMBs. Find out how the benefits of the cloud are helping SMBs to evolve their information system.

Boosting SMBs competitivity

SMBs represent an essential part of the national economy thanks to their capacity for continuous investment and innovation.

According to a study conducted by Microsoft, more than 50 % of SMBs using the cloud have noticed an increase in productivity and better management of data sharing. The cloud also boosts employee performance (better use of resources, increased responsiveness, simplified operations, cooperation between teams).

Most of SMBs use certain services in the cloud such as: corporate intranet portals, websites, online storage and sharing services (Dropbox etc.), business applications such as CRM, as well as collaboration and productivity tools.

Contacting an integrator of cloud solutions allows you to benefit from support in your daily challenges and flexibles cloud services that will allow to improve your organization.

As Jean-Bruno Fronte, Head of Absys Cyborg Cloud and Infrastructures & Networks points out:



The Absys Cyborg cloud offer allows you to outsource your applications with the move to cloud methodology. This offer provides continuous support for your project, from personalised advice to the provision of applications.


Cost reduction through the cloud

The cloud is consumed as a service by companies. This is why, the cost of storing big data is proportional to the space occupied.

Thanks to the cloud, the companies do not need to invest in and maintain an IT infrastructure.

SMB cloud solutions can be accessed online without the need to install any software. The cloud also promotes IT teams’ collaboration and other departments. Setting up a cloud service allows you to amortise the investment costs by choosing a subscription that matches your business needs.

This advantage allows SMBs to use these financial resources for other projects.

Better protection against data loss and ransomware

Cloud services such as Microsoft 365 and Office 365 protect you against ransomware and cyber-attacks via SharePoint or Office on the web. Benefit from a hosting solution with the highest security level that allows you to limit the risks in relation to the GDPR regulation of your information system.

SMBs are often poorly equipped to deal with cyber threats. This is why, cloud administration must be taken seriously. David Duhamel, regional director for the Ile-de-France region Absys Cyborg’s explains the role of Absys Cyborg cloud in protecting against data loss. This offer simplifies the daily life of companies by ensuring permanent supervision as well as server and anti-virus updates.

Implementing a multi-layered security strategy with an anti-malware, file encryption, personal firewall and data loss prevention software helps protect your infrastructure from cyber threats. It is recommended to back up your data whatever the cloud solution chosen for your SMB.

Working remotely with cloud solutions

Remote working belongs to the most popular working solutions for businesses especially SMBs. Except savings on rent, utilities, and administrative expenses, using the cloud makes it easier for users to access resources.

When your employees are working remotely, they need access to all the documents they need for their daily tasks. Thanks to a secure cloud, employees can work from anywhere, without constraints.

Moreover, a cloud solution makes it easier to work together remotely. Users of the online platform can work on the same file. Some SaaS solutions allow you to keep only one original version which is updated in real time when a user makes changes.

Using the cloud thus becomes an online collaborative workspace for all types of data to be processed (accounting documents, invoices, payslips etc.)

A cloud solution not only facilitates communication between employees. It also increases productivity, thanks to access to the cloud at any time from any terminal connected to the internet. The cloud changes the way to work and open mobility.

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