What are the benefits of digital transformation for SMBs?

Many companies see digital transformation as an opportunity. However, VSBs and SMBs struggle to start the digitization of their processes. Indeed, we are wondering if they really see the need for such an upheaval within their organisation.

28 June 2022

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According to the OpinionWay conducted by Qonto in April 2021, only 43% of SMBs consider the growth of their digital transformation as an important issue.

We can though notice that the current context forced them to start or continue their digital transformation in order to sustain their business. Today, digital transformation is perceived as a necessity for SMBs because it creates many growth opportunities.


Digital transformation, a growth opportunity for SMBs

Digital transformation has to be seen as a real growth opportunity for SMBs. The digital tools that accompany this transformation will enable French SMBs to digitize their business procedures. In other words, it is a good way to optimize the productivity of your organization.

This optimization involves simplifying your internal processes. Indeed, you can implement an ERP adapted to SMBs such as Sage X3. This type of software package will allow you to automate certain repetitive and time-consuming tasks, thus reducing the number of errors while saving your employee’s time. This time saving will boost their productivity. Indeed, they will be able to focus on more strategic tasks.

In addition to boosting the productivity of your company, the adoption of an ERP system will also have a positive impact on your finances. This kind of tool will give you the possibility to reduce the costs associated with managing certain tasks such as payroll or invoices. It also limits investment in IT infrastructure by centralizing in one tool.

Business operations are also optimized by digital transformation: from prospecting to lead management to customer relationship management. Customer relationship management tools, also known as CRM, allow you to personalize your customers approach while retaining existing customer.


Improve the communication of your SMB through digital transformation

As we mentioned above, digital transformation will allow you to improve your business processes. However, there is another key element that also has to be optimized: communication.

Internally, collaborative software adapted to SMBs and available in the cloud will help you to improve communication between your teams. Thanks to these digital tools, your data will be centralized in a single environment. The different departments in your company will easily share data. In other words, a migration to the cloud will encourage collaborative work. Your employees will be able to work instantly on the same document, which will improve their productivity.

Digital technology and its advances have contributed to the increased mobility of employees. As access to data is simplified, they can now consult it anytime on any medium (tablet, computer, laptop…) They will only need an internet connection.

Geographical barrier no longer impact collaboration between teams. Data is available anytime and every day. Thanks to digitization, we can notice a real synergy between the different companies’ departments.

The digitization of SMB will also enable you to improve communication with your customers, also through the implementation of a CRM. The data collected will enable you to offer a more personalized purchasing experience. This personnalisation will be possible thanks to the implementation of a Marketing Automation module in your CRM. These ERP have thus the advantage to cover the entire purchasing tunnel. Indeed, they will allow you to boost lead generation while retaining existing customers.


Strengthen your SMB data protection through digital transformation

As digitization and data security has become an important issue, we can notice that it provides a clear answer to this problem, especially thanks to the tools available in the cloud.

Storing your data in the cloud enables to guarantee its security and limits the risk of ransomwares.

Your data will thus be stored in highly secure data centers. This centralization will also limit the risk of data loss.

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