What are the challenges of digital transformation?

Digital transformation challenges affect many companies. This question must be asked in order to make its activity evolve. It boosts development and it is also a way to be even more agile and resilient for an organization, especially in times of economic crisis. How can we understand digital transformation challenges? What are the conditions to implement a successful transformation?

05 April 2023

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An impact at many levels

It is important to look at the recent developments of the last few years to understand the impact of companies’ digitization. Technologies such as robotics, Big Data or, artificial intelligence changed uses and allowed many organizations to move to a whole new level. The effects of digital transformation are technological, but also have an economic impact. Indeed, World Economic Forum estimates that digital transformation should bring to society and industry worldwide a value of more than 100 000 billion dollars by 2025.

Moreover, all sectors are concerned by digitization. Energy, transport, telecommunications, industrial production, health or also food-processing already benefit greatly from the tools linked to new technologies, which also has an impact on many jobs that that are bound to evolve. A company can thus remain competitive, adapt to news client’s needs, gain in productivity or simply to innovate. However, despite the multitude of possibilities offered by digital transformation, it is also necessary to consider the human impact of this transformation, the social responsibility of companies and the technical and economic upheaval.


The challenges of digital transformation

The challenges of digital transformation imply a real evolution for a company and will have an impact on the human, ecological, technical, and economic levels. A company which implements a transformation using new technologies must therefore ask itself the question of the consequences of this upheaval.

Human issues

Collaboration between employees and machines is very common today and one of the primary consequences of digital transformation. It is necessary to consider the appropriation that the teams will make of these new tools. New strategies must be developed so that everyone can adhere to the new way of working.

Skills evolution is also a question that arises since the role of employees may have to evolve in connection with the digital transformation. It is therefore important for the company to find the way to make the new technologies work with the human aspect.

Technical and economic challenges

Challenges of digital transformation also involves businesses upheavals. Indeed, it is a major change for most structures that will completely disrupt their operations. It is thus important to benefit from an adapted support within the framework of its digital transformation project to access the tools which correspond to its activity, but also to find a new adapted mode of functioning.

As far as economy is concerned, digital capital can be widely valued as intangible capital. The digital transformation allows to optimise costs, to gain in productivity and in growth. It is therefore possible for a company that opts for a digital transformation to enhance its digital capital.

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