What is a private cloud?

A private cloud is a cloud computing model dedicated to a single organization. It can be hosted in a company’s data center or via a cloud service provider. The private cloud meets the specific needs of a company and provides a better resource control because access is via the internet, or a private internal network limited to a certain number of users.

10 May 2023

Definition of private cloud

The private cloud is one of the general deployment models of cloud computing. It is an infrastructure dedicated to a single organisation. It can be managed in internally (internal private cloud) or by a third party (external private cloud).

Private servers allow you to manage the data of a company and synchronize it on all users’ workstations. You own the private cloud and have limited access to a defined user’s number.

Private cloud has 4 implementation models:

Virtual private cloud

it has the benefits of the private cloud with the help of public cloud resources.

Hosted private cloud

Vendors of hosted private cloud offer cloud servers in their own data centers and are also responsible for security management. In this private cloud model, users get access to additional resources, a support team, high-demand scalability options, as well as a user-friendly dashboard to assist in server management.

Managed private cloud

In this cloud model, the infrastructure is not shared. It is also referred to as a dedicated or single-tenant cloud. It is managed by a third-party vendor. The vendor provides support, maintenance, upgrades, and even remote management of the private cloud.

On-premise private cloud

This type of private cloud allows users to host a cloud environment internally.


The architecture of private cloud

As every type of cloud models, the private cloud is based on technologies that allow businesses to maintain control over their data and optimise their IT resources. There are several types of technologies such as:

  • Virtualisation: It provides a layer of abstraction over pools of physical resources.
  • Automation: It allows the optimisation of multi-task management such as the integration of servers and also, reduces the risk of error.
  • Management software: It enables organisations to manage their IT infrastructure and application securely.


Why use a private cloud ?

It offers companies many advantages such as :

  • Cost control: unlike the public cloud, the private cloud is less expensive because its price depends on the type of server, its power and its storage space;
  • Data security and compliance: with the private cloud, companies from regulated sectors can keep their data in complete peace of mind;
  • Customization of hardware and software to your needs;
  • Better team collaboration: your teams have access to all information in real time;
  • Faster upgrades;
  • Good scalability: the private cloud guarantees you scalability and efficiency to meet all your needs;
  • Better performance thanks to resources dedicated to your business.

This type of cloud is often chosen by companies that need to ensure their compliance. It provides a high level of security and helps users to work autonomously. Business data is protected and stored in a single environment to ensure confidentiality and availability.


What is the difference between private and public clouds?

Unlike a private cloud, a public cloud is managed by a cloud service provider such as Microsoft Azure that hosts other tenants. Public cloud pricing depends on the use of your data. Companies can combine both types of clouds in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

However, more and more companies are advocating the use of a private cloud that provides high data security. Entirely dedicated to a company, access to this type of cloud is more protected. The storage of your data is not shared with other organizations.


Absys Cyborg cloud

As a cloud service provider and multicloud provider, Absys Cyborg has been supporting companies of all sizes and all sectors for over 30 years. Choosing Absys Cyborg cloud for a private cloud project, you will benefit from :

  • A support on OVH platforms compliant with the GDPR
  • To outsource your applications with a proven methodology "Move to Cloud
  • A modern infrastructure with the best market standards
  • Increased agility with the ability to access your tools at any time and from anywhere
  • A single point of contact available at all times
  • Security of your customer, supplier and personal data

Aware of the technological evolution that make the market competitive, we act as a Business Partner to help you adapt your uses and your IT needs to these new business challenges.

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