Why use accounting software?

Accounting is the image of a company’s financial health. This is why, using an online accounting software ensures that your company’s accounting is kept up to date. You can control costs and monitor the financial health of your company on an online platform, accessible to all your employees and updated in real time.

18 April 2023

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A better accessibility

Available as a subscription, an online accounting software online helps you to better control your budget. It also helps you to improve the performance of your company.

SaaS accounting software is easy to use. Every employee can access it from any device, at any time. Working with an online accounting software also allows you to adapt to the different work modes (home office, nomadic working). Your employees can work at the same time on the same file and share information in real time.


Secure data thanks to online accounting software online

If a technical problem occurs, cloud storage ensures the security of your financial data. Regardless of the nature of the problem, setting up online accounting software allows you to access your data from any type of device, securely.

An online accounting software stores your important customer and company data (turnover, sales revenue, quotes, invoices etc.)


Reduced risk of error

Thanks to automatic entry, online accounting software helps you reduce the risk of errors such as reversal of VAT, accounting entry, reversal of the meaning of accounting statements.

For example, if the VAT rate is correctly entered for each transaction, the software can calculate the amount of VAT and associate it to the corresponding account.

For the reversal of the meaning of accounting statements, you have to indicate in the account book the direction in which the accounts must be moved. The software will thus be able to indicate the sum in the appropriate direction.

As far as the accounting entry is concerned, it has to be defined by the software user for each third party account. It allows all your employees to devote more time on other value-added tasks.

This is why, the use of an online accounting software is highly recommended. It helps you reduce the risk of re-entries while standardizing your data.


An optimisation of your accounting processes

Online accounting software automates your accounting processes and allows you to efficiently generate your company’s cash flow statement. Dedicated solutions such as Sage solutions help you keep a close eye on your company’s financial situation.

An online accounting solution also adapts to legal and regulatory obligations. Your data is synchronized in dashboards, updated in real time.

You get a precise follow-up of your cash flow forecast report. Up-to-date accounting allows you to anticipate potential needs and achieve your goals with budget forecast reports.

Costs accounting reports classified by sections (products lines, clients…) as well as analyses of your accounting performance allow you to improve your performances.

A real decision-making tool, an online accounting solution gives you access to important documents such as VAT statements or annual accounts that can be exported in different formats and presented to third parties.


SaaS accounting software for better expense management

The installation of an online accounting software avoids the installation of an IT infrastructure and maintenance costs.

It allows you to follow in real time the cash flow of your company. It also provides you with information on your investments, including those being amortized.

These elements are essential to evaluate your needs and your financial capacities in the medium and long term, but also to contribute to the good development of your company.

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