Why use CRM software?

As a key tool for customer relationship management, CRM is the best way to collect and prioritise your customer data. A CRM tool also allows to strengthen the relationship between the company and its customers. Discover the benefits that a CRM tool provides.

09 January 2023

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1.  Optimising lead generation campaigns thanks to CRM software

To optimise your lead generation campaigns, you need to collect customer data, the activity sector and the market concerned. The more customer data you collect, the more personalised messages you can create.

Marketing automation software allows you to create automated messages aimed at a defined audience. You can use nurturing campaigns throughout the conversion tunnel process, also known as the sales funnel.


2.  Simplify business processes

The automation of tasks is an important help for the different departments of a company. They can thus focus on other tasks.

A CRM tool has features such as tasks automation that can include lead scoring that allows dedicated teams to define qualified leads for sales and marketing, nurturing campaigns to nurture leads, and the implementation of chat-bots.

CRM software allows you to streamline the sales processes steps such as:

  • Prospecting: to identify potential customers
  • Qualification: to define the probability that a potential customer will be converted into a sale and estimate the amount of opportunity.  
  • The quotation
  • Closing: used to finalise the opportunity and obtain final approval from the customer
  • Opportunity management: following up after a sale is won or lost. When you win a sale, you should then contact your support team in order to optimise the customer relationship. However, when you lose a sale, you have to identify the problem in order to get back in touch with the potential customer. You can also compare elements such as the average sales cycle and sales.


3.  Align the different departments in your company

Implementing a CRM tool facilitates communication between marketing and sales.

A CRM tool represents an important database when it is well integrated in a company. Customer data is gathered in one single environment and accessible to everyone, in real time.

Information related to client’s accounts and sales development improves communication within departments.

Optimal alignment with marketing simplifies sales prospecting. Alignment becomes continuity in the handling of leads. Marketing feeds back to the prospect to better understand their issues, evaluate their options, and better guide them in their choices.

Members of both teams benefit from a global view of customer relationship management and lead generation. This action allows the optimisation of customer experience and also boosts your turnover.


4.  Improve the customer experience

CRM software allows you to store all customer information (needs, buying habits, services). It allows you to get to know your customers better (dashboard monitoring) and to obtain more information about their expectations.

The information is centralized and shared in real time with the departments, which improves coordination between the teams.

Thanks to customer relationship management software, you have information on current orders as well as problems occurring in the after-sales services, in real time.


5.  Increase upsells and cross-sell with CRM software

Finalizing a sale is the main objective of a CRM tool.

During upselling, the software collects information on the purchase made by the customer in order to propose slightly superior and more expensive products in order to achieve a higher margin.

During a cross-selling operation, the software collects of information about a customer’s previous purchases in order to suggest complementary products. The information is then stored in a centralized customer database.

CRM tools will help you target and exploit every opportunity to help you increase your revenue.

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