Continia, your solution for digital invoices

Continia helps you digitize your financial processes by reinforcing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP, and allows you to save time and be more efficient.

Continia helps you digitize your financial processes by reinforcing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP, and allows you to save time and be more efficient.

Continia, in a few words

Continia was founded in 1992 in Denmark, and has developed its activity so well, that they now have offices in Deutschland, Belgium, Spain or the United States. With more than 1 000 international partners and 15 000 clients using their solutions, Continia continues helping businesses to reinforce Microsoft Dynamics. By offering solutions to automatize and digitize manual financial tasks in your organization, Continia’s ambition is to increase the performance of your company and your co-workers, on a daily basis.


Continia Document Capture, your dematerialization tool for invoices

The digital invoice solution created by Continia allows you to import, register, approve and archive your invoices directly in Business Central. By digitizing your invoices or other documents such as clients orders, you can save time, and improve efficiency and autonomy.

Thanks to its OCR award-winning technology, the Continia Document Capture software detects the invoice in a PDF format and process by sending it to the right approver. You can find the approval in Business Central, as well as all the information related to it.

By automating the approval and the registration of your digital invoices, you minimize the risk of errors that manual handling of the information could have involved, and you save time in the process. Afterwards, you can easily and quickly find the approval history and each and every document attached in Business Central, available at any time.


Why choosing the Continia invoice automation software ? 

The processing of invoices can be time-consuming and a source of error. That’s why digitizing and automating this process can contribute to increase the efficiency of your organization. To help you with it, Continia has developed its solution, Continia Document Capture, a built-in Business Central software. Your co-workers will stop losing time with paper documents, manual approval and data entry. Everything will be available in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP interface, shareable at any moment.

The automation of the registration and your documents processing

Your PDF and XML files are automatically digitized and processed thanks to the software and its OCR technology. Your invoices and delivery notes will thus be compared with each other to avoid any gap.

Digitization of approval flows

Thanks to the web approval portal, you can approve, reject, or postpone the signature of your documents. In order to facilitate information sharing, you can add comments or attachments that could be useful to you, your co-workers or the other approvers.

An easy and available archiving

Find all the files, data or information you need quickly by searching for them directly in your Business Central ERP.


What are the benefits of using Continia Document Capture ?

  • Efficiency : process and save all your files, no matter the format
  • Time-saving : no need of manual saving or files manual handling
  • Flexibility : approval of invoices and credit note in a few clicks, from anywhere
  • Traceability : easy and quick files research, facilitating archiving
  • Reliability :  control and strong security with complete audit trail
  • Ease of use : total integration to Business Central 

With the Continia Document Capture solution, integrated to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, facilitate the processing of your invoices and incoming files, to save time and increase the performance of your organization.

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