Microsoft Dynamics 365 ProBatch

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ProBatch is Microsoft's ERP for companies in the processing, semi-processing and transformation sector.

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Why choose the Dynamics 365 Probatch ERP?

Based on the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Probatch allows you to make use of many additional features to meet the specific requirements of your operation.

Probatch ERP is a scalable and flexible software that follows the evolution of your requirements and your development.

You can exchange information with all your stakeholders (suppliers, partners or subcontractors) in a secure and reliable manner so as to streamline the management of your activities.

As a Dynamics 365 solution, you deploy a management tool that takes into account the new uses made by your users: Cloud and Mobility.

With Probatch, you have a complete ERP designed for the chemical, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and medical technology industries.




The specific features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Probatch

With Dynamics 365 Probatch, you can achieve:

  • Monitoring of batches from the raw material to the finished product
  • Monitoring of stocks, batches, containers and traceability
  • Manufacturing by formulas, recipes and protocols
  • Management of technical characteristics and the R&D environment
  • Advanced quality control with automatic audits during data or material change
  • Compliance with standards, labels and certifications (FDA and GMP)
  • Assessment of customer-supplier service rates
  • Warehouse management (storage area, temperature regulation and hygiene measures)
  • Distribution and logistics management: traceability of products from design to consumer
  • Product management with batch tracking and serial numbers on products
  • Advanced security and data access management

Which needs are met with Microsoft Dynamics 365 ProBatch software?


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