CAPM: an essential software for companies

Nowadays, every manufacturing plant uses at least one type of CAPM (Computer Aided Production Management) system to control its operations. But what is this system and how does it work? Find out below.

11 May 2022

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What is a CAPM software?

A CAPM software is a production management program that manages all activities related to industrial production within the company.

  • Inventory and purchase management
  • Order management
  • Product management
  • Management of bills of material and production lines
  • Production planning management
  • Products shipment
  • Invoicing

The automation offered by the CAPM system helps manufacturers improve their time-to-market capabilities and optimize the supply chain.


How does it work?

CAPM consists of using computers in order to control production process. It can be adapted to different types of business sectors and meets the needs of VSB and SMB. There are also CPAM modules integrated into ERP software such as Sage X3 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central which both allow total management.

The functions are often linked to a central computer-controlled station to allow efficient handling and management of production, while providing direct control and monitoring of all resource planning at the same time. Each individual element of a manufacturing process, including engineering, production and marketing is organized.


What are the advantages?

By using management software such as CAPM, producers can improve their manufacturing capabilities. CAPM software automates the process and allows producers to complete the project more easily with significant time savings.

Speed and accuracy

Computer-aided management can speed up the manufacturing process considerably, without compromising precision. This makes CAPM very consistent and also provides flexibility.

Reduced labour costs

CAPM software can reduce labour costs by automating the majority of the manufacturing process. Skilled labour will still be necessary to operate and maintain the tools, but the number of employees will be much lower.

Improved customer accessibility

CAPM software allows manufacturers to receive files from their customers. With these files centered on a single database, they can set up the machining toolpath and run simulations. The software allows manufacturers to reduce mistakes, easily executing projects in a shorter time frame. The software offers a more personalized customer relationship.

Reducing waste

The use of CAPM reduces the amount of waste that normally occurs in manual machining. Since the risk of error is low, more products are produced from the same amount of raw material. The manufacturer can now either increase profits or set competitive prices or even do both.


How to choose your CAPM software?

Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing CAPM software solution or implement a management software for the first time, the following tips can help:

  • Review and quantify your current needs, then add your future goals
  • Decide whether you want a unique solution for all your needs or whether you are prepared to consider several management solutions
  • Test and evaluate the CAPM software. This will allow you to compare it to the baseline previously determined

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