What are the pros and the cons of private cloud?

With four deployments models of private cloud, the private cloud is an infrastructure dedicated to a single organization. Private cloud owners benefit from limited access to a defined number of users. It offers many advantages for businesses, but also some disadvantages.

20 July 2023

Pros of private cloud

The private cloud model is becoming increasingly popular with businesses looking to pool their IT resources. Discover the principles reasons why companies are choosing the private cloud.

1.     Regulatory compliance

The private cloud environment is highly suited to industries with significant regulatory requirements (banking, insurance, etc.). The private cloud infrastructure ensures the compliance of a company's data. Thanks to private cloud, data and resources are hosted on servers dedicated to a single organization. This enables a higher level of control and security. Companies benefit from exclusive access to their resources and can implement security measures tailored to their needs.

2.     Enhanced security

The private cloud has a dedicated physical infrastructure. Companies benefit from greater control over server, network, and application security.

3.     Cost control

Pricing is based on actual consumption. You can also increase or reduce your infrastructure according to your activity or on demand (number of users, power, storage space, etc.). The private cloud is less expensive than the public cloud if the consumption of resources on virtual machines is greater than 55%.

4.     Scalability

Thanks to the private cloud, an organization can increase or reduce the number of resources allocated according to its needs.

5.     Greater flexibility

The private cloud offers greater flexibility and the ability to tailor infrastructure and services to specific business needs. This enables well-defined requirements such as performance, storage, and connectivity.

Fully customisable by organizations, private cloud infrastructure is built by a cloud architect. This enables organizations to configure and reconfigure their resources according to their needs. Organizations often use a cloud provider to set up a private cloud.

Employees can thus access all information in real time.

However, setting up a private cloud can present many challenges when an organization has not precisely defined its needs.


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Cons of private cloud

Although the private cloud can help keep an organization's expenses under control, setting it up requires an important budget. Hardware can be costly, but so can license fees, enterprise license agreements, support, etc.

In order to successfully implement a private cloud, an organization needs to adapt and sometimes expand its IT team.

The private cloud brings together a number of technologies (increased automation, user self-service, etc.) This is why companies need to rely on an IT team that can reorganize part of the data center infrastructure.

However, private cloud hosting is exposed to the risks of failure that can occur within a company (power cuts, hardware breakdowns, etc.)

Setting up a cloud computing project with a cloud service provider will also simplify processes. This project will ensure maximum responsiveness on the part of support teams in the event of intervention on your applications, databases (minor updates, integrity checks), infrastructures and operations.


Private cloud with Absys Cyborg Cloud

Absys Cyborg has launched its Absys Cyborg Cloud offering to support its customers in their digital transformation projects. This offer gives companies rapid access to their applications and greater agility in deploying their management solutions.

Our experts will support you at every stage of your cloud computing project. Absys Cyborg Cloud offers a modern infrastructure to the highest market standards, supporting your applications in a dedicated, private environment.

Using a cloud service provider will also help you avoid maintenance and upgrade costs. They take care of maintaining and upgrading the cloud computing infrastructure, reducing personnel and maintenance costs. You will benefit from an infrastructure that is always adapted to your needs thanks to the "move to cloud" methodology.

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