Microsoft Dynamics 365 Keysuite

Designed to be implemented quickly, Dynamics Keysuite is an integrated business solution that enables service companies to manage business from starting up to monitoring their profitability.

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Why choose the Dynamics 365 Keysuite ERP?

Dynamics Keysuite is management software developed in strategic partnership with Microsoft. It relies on the ERP functions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, meeting the specific needs arising for service companies.

With this ERP, you can learn from the past to create projects quickly and ensure their optimal implementation.

Dynamics 365 Keysuite allows you to plan your activities and anticipate your teams' workload in the medium or long term.

You benefit from management software that takes account of the new uses made by your users: Cloud and Mobility.

Certified by Microsoft, Dynamics Keysuite is part of the logic of native integration with collaborative tools from Microsoft.

The Keysuite ERP is designed for all service companies that manage their businesses: (IT service and engineering companies, consulting and engineering companies, design offices, marketing and polling companies, specialists in technical services and renewable energy), besides meeting the needs of associations, political parties, etc.




The specific features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Keysuite

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Keysuite, you can:

  • Analyse your business in any specific way
  • Manage your opportunities and sales
  • Plan your resources
  • Capitalise on past achievements and experiences
  • Plan your activities in the medium or long term so as to anticipate the workload
  • Optimise your administrative, accounting and financial management
  • Invoice on a time-taken basis, at a flat rate or according to the progress made by the project
  • Enter times and expense reports, either directly in the ERP or in web mode
  • Monitor the progress of the initial, actual and pending budget, the current situation and the updated budget
  • Manage and analyse business profitability in real time
  • Customise your ERP according to the user and keep it updated in real time

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