Microsoft Power BI: the business intelligence software to manage your data

In the age of big data, data volumes are becoming ever larger. That's why Absys Cyborg offers you the Microsoft Power BI suite for analyzing and visualizing data from a variety of sources.

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What is Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI is a business intelligence application from Microsoft. Available on desktop or mobile, it lets companies to analyze, visualize, and transmit their data.

Get in-depth analyses and make better decisions for the successful development of your projects and organization.

Power BI gives you an overview of your company's data, accessible to your staff anywhere, anytime. As a data visualization tool, Power BI connects to Excel to create reports and dashboards. This Microsoft application is divided into four parts:

  • Data sources
  • ETL (Extract - Transform - Load)
  • Data Warehouse
  • Reporting

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Benefits of Microsoft Power BI

Designed to meet the needs of all types of organizations, Power BI software offers numerous benefits for the development of your business.

Adopt one of the world's largest decision-making software

Microsoft Power BI gives you the ability to create and share data visualization reports from different data centers, including national clouds, while ensuring GDPR compliance.

Create powerful reports with Copilot

With Copilot, Microsoft's next-generation AI, simply transform data into actionable information! Just ask Copilot a question or describe your needs, and it will analyze and extract the relevant data in a report.

Simple accessibility

Native applications available on Windows, iOS, and Android let you access and track your data wherever you are (local databases, Excel spreadsheets, etc.). Your application is available on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Optimizing big data

Thanks to the Azure Data Lake BI service, hosted in the Microsoft public cloud, you can optimize the analysis and sharing of large volumes of data. As a result, you can improve collaboration between stakeholders.

A multi-source, multi-format solution

You can integrate all types of internal and external data. You can also distribute information in any format (dashboards with KPIs, analysis, or reporting).

Secure your data

Benefit from the latest features to guarantee a high level of security for your analysis data. Your IT department can manage user access to all relevant data. User management functions let you easily monitor all activities. 

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Power BI tools

The solution is made up of several tools to meet the specific needs of your organization:

Power BI Desktop 

Explore data visually and create easy-to-use reports. This tool consists of three modules.

  • Power Query: transform data and build data models.
  • A data modeling module
  • A report design module

Power BI Service 

Allows you to publish and consult your reports.

Power BI Mobile 

Designed for users on the move, this tool gives access to dashboards at any time from any type of mobile device.

With its native features, Power Query and DAX (Data Analysis Expressions), the library of functions and operators used to build formulas and expressions, Power BI can operate as an ETL process.

Data can be cleaned, standardized, free of duplicates, and sorted. You can then build a data model to bring it all together. This crucial step will let you create your dashboards or reports.

This interface allows you to keep an eye on dashboards and reports in real time. As for analysts, they can transform the information into concrete solution proposals for informed decisions. 

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Power BI key features

  • Interactive reporting
  • Create reports from different data sources
  • Advanced data analysis with AI Copilot
  • Creation of shareable data models
  • Publish and centralize reports on the Power BI Service portal
  • Application available on mobile, tablet, or desktop

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Compatible with your Microsoft ERP and CRM

Power BI is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM applications. Your data is integrated into Power BI in real time. You benefit from a view of your company's financial and economic health for simplified decision-making.

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Absys Cyborg: Microsoft Power BI integrator and reseller

Also involved in business intelligence projects, Absys Cyborg is an integrator that will help you implement your Power BI business intelligence solution, based on Microsoft technology. Our mission is to help you make the most of your data!

Our expertise ensures a high level of quality to meet your organization's needs and requirements. Contact our experts to benefit from our services!

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Connect Power BI to go even further!

To benefit from the full range of services offered by the Power Platform, connect Power BI to other applications!

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FAQ Microsoft Power BI

Frequently asked questions on Microsoft Power BI.


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