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Switching to a new ERP or CRM software can be daunting and disruptive. However, Absys Cyborg can help you with your digital transformation and the integration and deployment of Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba business software in Bordeaux and the surrounding area. Absys Cyborg will certainly support an ERP project and help you to make the transition with the highest level of adaptation.

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Absys Cyborg, your reseller in Bordeaux

By calling on Absys Cyborg in Bordeaux, you will take advantage of a CRM and ERP reseller close by. Our experts from the agency Absys Cyborg in Bordeaux will help you choose useful and innovative products and services that will contribute to the success of your company.

What is an ERP software?

ERP (Entreprise Resource Planning) centralises and simplifies your business processes and data-driven workflows, from order history and execution to planning and scheduling. Comprehensive ERP software streamlines processes and manages the major elements of your business. Your ERP will perfectly run in the background.

What is a CRM software?

A Customer Relationship Management software tracks customer data, purchases and contact information using analytics to better understand your customers. The goal is to take the best steps to retain them, improve their lifetime value (LTV) and increase referrals. Your CRM is visible on your front-end, coordinating customers interactions and increasing sales.


Integrate your ERP and CRM with Absys Cyborg in Bordeaux

If a company integrates a new technology or business process, it faces many challenges between its applications, current systems, and the complicated process of implementing the software. Our agency based in Bordeaux handles all the integration and implementation hurdles including architectural design, testing, debugging and execution.


What is an integration?

An integration involves connecting and synchronizing your ERP software with your CRM in order to enable automated and consistent information sharing between the two systems. The integration of two systems will help you to link the purchase history, shipping, billing other financial information to supply chain management tools, inventory, and fulfillment data.


Contact the Bordeaux agency to benefit from Absys Cyborg’s expertise

The implementation of a software solution in a company is a really sensitive issue, as it deeply changes the internal process and work habits. Bordeaux team’s agency is there to help you. Absys Cyborg Bordeaux accompanies you at each step of your project so that you can take advantage of our expertise throughout the selection process of your ERP or/and CRM software choice.


Bordeaux, the partner of digital companies

In 2019, Bordeaux launched its “Digital Council”. Its members come from the private, associative, academic, and public sectors. Its objective is to promote reflection and proposals for a digital world at the service of citizens.

Bordeaux wants to be a smart city and community at the forefront of technology, with citizens at the heart of its digital transformation strategy. Bordeaux has embarked on a smart city journey that many other cities around the world can learn from.

Although ranked 6th in France in terms of size, all recent surveys and studies consistently show that Bordeaux is the most attractive city in France to live and work in, because the city is particularly attractive to digital companies.

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