CRM and ERP integrator and reseller in Lyon

Are you the head of an SMB, a mid-size company or even a start up in Lyon? Would you like to improve and digitize your company? CRM and ERP software are undeniable assets. Reseller and integrator of CRM and ERP tool, Absys Cyborg supports you in your digital transformation as well as the integration and launch of management software such as Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba in Lyon and the surrounding area.

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Why call on a professional for CRM and ERP integration?

A professional such as Absys Cyborg an approved Sage reseller in Lyon puts its years of experience and knowledge of CRM and ERP tools at your disposal. Thanks to its experience with Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba software publishers, the Absys Cyborg teams can help you make the right choice among the several software available on the market and their functionalities.


Why choose an integrator in Lyon?

This is always easier to have a professional located nearby. You will be able to work with someone who lives in the same time zone and, available at the same time as you. Indeed, if you need to develop your project, a local consultant can come to help your teams. If a problem occurs, your Lyon consultant will be able to solve it during the whole collaboration. The Absys Cyborg agency in Lyon also supports you in the implementation of new software in your company.


Greater Lyon attracts digital companies

In the world of digital industry, Lyon shows itself so dynamic and has made digital technology one of its main strengths. As the second largest digital hub in France, Lyon has created an ecosystem “Lyon French Tech” which mainly attracts digital companies. In all, Lyon counts has no less than 7000 digital companies, 300 of which have been identified as having strong growth potential.


Why call on Absys Cyborg Lyon for CRM and ERP integration?

With 13 agencies in France, including one in Lyon, Absys Cyborg is a certified integrator and reseller of Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba management software. Within 30 years of expertise in administrative data processing, Absys Cyborg is able to provide concrete solutions in administrative data processing to meet all the needs and specificities of any business.

Absys Cyborg advises and supports SMB and mid-size companies in every field in the choice, integration of management, ERP, CRM, Reporting, Business Intelligence and Cloud solutions. The Absys Cyborg teams work hard on the development of new adapted softwares and on the latest developments and requirements of the business.


What about ERP and CRM software?

ERP and CRM software are different but complementary software. Both applications have been designed to optimize your business. They are key tools in the management of your development project.

While CRM software aims to increase sales and improve customer management, ERP software aims to automate processes between different departments and save costs. Indeed, CRM makes it possible to access information on customer needs. It also ensures control over customer relations. In addition to increasing sales and attracting new customers, CRM also helps to retain existing customers.


The strengths of a management software integrator

A professional integrator like Absys Cyborg Lyon also allows you to benefit from several advantages:

  • A relationship with the editor
  • Functional and technical knowledge
  • A management capacity for every kind of project
  • A capacity to offer specified softwares


Some advice for choosing a Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba reseller in Lyon

Many integrator providers of Sage, Microsoft or Kyriba offer their services in Lyon which makes the choice even more difficult. Therefore, it is important to know the different criteria for choosing a CRM and ERP reseller in Lyon.

You can start by doing a test and a comparison. This can be done by performing one-off services before signing a contract or by testing its support service.

Then, you can check out the areas in which they work. Indeed, it is very important to trust a Sage reseller or Microsoft reseller who perfectly knows the functional scope of your software. This is essential with the important number of software products that are available from Sage or Microsoft.

Also make sure of the support service. With Absys Cyborg, you can benefit from a hotline availability. You always have a contact ready to answer to your questions, every day of the week.

Also discover our other agencies in France, London and Brussels.


Feel free to contact our office located near Lyon

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