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Absys Cyborg is able to advise and support you in your digital transformation. With high levels of certifications and as partner of Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba, our agency located in Brest offers you ERP and CRM tools corresponding to the challenges of your company.

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What can a CRM and ERP software integration do for your business ?

The integration of a CRM and ERP software offers your company better sales processes, greater accuracy in products forecasting and data stored in a secure location.

Whether or not sales are a fundamental element of your business operations, you must keep in mind that a CRM tool is not only dedicated to customer relationship management. By integrating CRM management software with your ERP system, your company will have advanced tools to streamline the relationship between sales, back office, and operations.

Automated updates keep your ERP and CRM system in sync, which is important when information is added or changed. With ERP and CRM data defined in the same integration solution, you always have reliable and consistent data.

When you have ERP and CRM data integration, you create a seamless and streamlined workflow that limits input data in different systems. This can allow your company to save time and money but also reduce common data entry errors.


Contact a CRM and ERP integrator in Brest

With 30 years of expertise and know-how in the integration of CRM and ERP tools, Absys Cyborg accompanies you throughout your digital transformation in Brest and its surroundings. Thanks to a partnership with major editors such as Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba, Absys Cyborg’s project managers can define the most compatible solution for your company.

Established in 13 agencies in France, Absys Cyborg is a certified management software integrator and reseller with important levels of certifications. Absys Cyborg’s expertise and know-how allow it to provide innovative solutions in management information systems and to meet companies’ expectations and needs.

Absys Cyborg’s aims to develop concrete solutions adapted to the evolution and requirements of companies. We advise and support SMB and mid-size companies from every sector of activity in the choice, implementation, and integration of business management solutions.


Brest, a city involved in digital technology

For more than 20 years, the city has launched a digital support policy. As digital metropolis awarded the French Tech label in 2015, Brest offers several services in digital technology, making it one of its major assets. Within the framework of the call for projects “Usages du numérique” launched every year, Brest supports many digital projects. This commitment aims to encourage and support companies in the development of digital technology, bringing together several goals such as:

  • The integration of digital tools within companies
  • Support and appropriation of digital tools
  • Supporting a social innovative network and adopting a cooperation culture between every actor of this field

Brest’s ambition for digital is put to good use in a strategic document named “Brest Horizon Digital”, a digital strategy drawn up by the metropolis. By highlighting the economic development of the metropolis, this project allows actors and partners to deploy new opportunities with the help of a financial help for projects.

The digitalisation of the city has also enabled Absys Cyborg to count Brest among its 13 agencies in France. Partner of your digital transformation, Absys Cyborg advises and supports you in the development and deployment of company’s management software.


Absys Cyborg agencies near Brest

Discover our two agencies near Brest : 

Absys Cyborg Rennes

Absys Cyborg Rennes advises you in your management software integration projects of Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba in Brest and its surroundings.

Absys Cyborg Nantes

Absys Cyborg Nantes accompanies you throughout your digital transformation and in the choice of your company management software Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba in Nantes and its surroundings.

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