ERP and CRM integrator and reseller in Brussels

Created in 1987, Absys Cyborg has 15 agencies in France and abroad. It offers consulting, integration, and support services to VSBs, SMBs and mid-size companies in order to assist them in their digital transformation. As a constantly evolving company, Absys Cyborg has decided to expand itself by opening an agency in Brussels to support Belgian companies in their projects.

Said CHEBIRA - Regional Director


Agence of Brussels

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  • Brussels Absys Cyborg Agency

Your CRM and ERP integrator in Brussels

As an ERP and CRM integrator, Absys Cyborg helps you developing your project whatever your field of activity and your business are. We help companies in Brussels and its surrounding area to integrate their ERP and CRM projects.

ERP and CRM solutions are integrated systems which are adapted to the needs of every company. The implementation of ERP software is an important and necessary project for the smooth running of a company. Whether it is a new information system or an improvement of the current tool, deploying an ERP or CRM solution is a major project with steps that must be followed carefully. Indeed, deploying an ERP or CRM system within a company has an impact on the business processes and the employees’ missions.

As a partner of Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba, Absys Cyborg is a leading company in the integration of management softwares. With 13 agencies in France and abroad, in London and Brussels, Absys Cyborg has been awarded high levels of certification. Thanks to these levels of certification, Absys Cyborg can prove its expertise in the integration and deployment of Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba management software.


Absys Cyborg Brussels, a development on a European scale

Leader in the integration and deployment of ERP and CRM management solutions, Absys Cyborg supports you in the development of your IT projects and the digitalisation of your company. Our experts have developed a serious methodology from the analysis of customer needs: the drafting of specifications, the delivery in acceptance until the validation of the project and the users’ training. We keep working to develop innovative business solutions to enable companies to better target their expectations and achieve their goals.

Our team is composed of project managers, integrators, and programmer analysts. Absys Cyborg is able to offer you solutions adapted to the challenges of your company.

The Absys Cyborg agency located in Brussels aims to create a real proximity with its customers by corresponding precisely to the expectations of companies located in Brussels and its surrounding area.


"Brussels Smart City", the innovative project made in Belgium

The digital transition aims to make Brussels a Smart City focused on the well-being of its citizens. The digital transition aims to develop professional opportunities in order to stimulate the city's economic dynamism. This development project aims to increase the accessibility and digital skills of Brussels' citizens. However, this digitalisation leads to inequalities within the population such as:

  • Inequalities linked to IT tools access and the internet connection
  • Inequalities linked to the tools knowledge and how to use them
  • Inequalities related to the ways of use and the capacity to appropriate the contents accessible thanks to Information and Communication Technologies

In order to remedy these inequalities, Brussels set up a Digital Appropriation Plan in February 2021. This plan allows the Belgian capital to take concrete measures to improve the digital skills of its inhabitants. The plan is based on 4 areas of improvement: raising awareness and destigmatizing, federating, equipping, and supporting. The ambition of the Brussels has convinced Absys Cyborg to set up an agency in order to promote digital development.


Absys Cyborg agencies abroad

Discover our two international agencies:

Absys Cyborg Paris

Absys Cyborg Paris advises you in the choice of management solutions corresponding to the challenges of your company in Paris and its surrounding area.

Absys Cyborg London

Absys Cyborg London supports you in the digital development of your company and in the integration of Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba management solutions.

Feel free to contact our office located near Brussels