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Subsidiary of the Keyrus group, Absys Cyborg is a leader in the integration of Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba management software. Absys Cyborg has a recognised expertise in ERP and CRM projects on an international scale. As an actor of your digital transformation, Absys Cyborg is a qualified partner in the management of IT projects.

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Absys Cyborg London, an international ambition

Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba partner for more than 20 years, Absys Cyborg is a leader of ERP and CRM management software integration in France and abroad.

By setting up in London, Absys Cyborg aims to be closer to its customers. Companies can thus take advantage of its experience and skills in London and its surroundings.

Absys Cyborg advises and assists SMB and mid-size companies in the choice, development and integration of ERP and CRM management software, Management, business intelligence, cloud, and reporting solutions. Our experts adapt to the latest market developments according to business needs and goals.


Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba certified integrator and reseller in London

Absys Cyborg has high levels of certifications from major business software publishers such as Sage, Kyriba and Microsoft.

This partnership allows Absys Cyborg to bring concrete and innovative solutions to SMB and mid-size companies whatever their needs.

The role of a software integrator is essential in the management software’s choice. It can thus identify your needs, your internal processes, and your customers’ profiles. After drawing up the specifications, the integrator moves on to the implementation stage and then integrates the management software that will meet the specific business requirements. Test are carried out beforehand to ensure that the tools work properly.


What are the challenges of Absys Cyborg Global Solutions?

With a recognised expertise on the international management system integration issues, Absys Cyborg Global Solutions offers you its deployment methods adapted to every type of international projects.

In order to integrate ERP and CRM management software internationally, Absys Cyborg Global Solutions is based on the Core Model methodology. This methodology consists in identifying the functional needs, namely: production, purchasing, sales, quality, logistics and traceability. It also allows to define specific requirements such as the integration of a software that meets specific business problems (quick deployment, few third-party plugins, standard process models etc.)

The Core Model ERP is proposed by an international software publisher. It will be able to consider tax and legal data that can be different from one country to another. Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP software meets the ERP projects needs dedicated to large groups (multi-country management, multilingual, multi-site, multi-business, multi legislation etc.)

The good management practices of a Core Model ERP must be effective in all subsidiaries. The fluidity of internal and external data exchanges allows a company to have a better visibility for the control of a company and an activity management.


London as one of the Smart Cities Lighthouse

Since January 2016, London took part to the European Smart Cities Lighthouse programme, a programme which supports smart cities projects. Nowadays, London has been able to develop in mobility and transports as well as in technological equipment’s.

The UK capital is developing innovative technologies to make the city more connected. Thanks to these new technologies field, London can confirm its position as a European leader.

As Europe’s digital capital, London is outpacing Germany and France in terms of investment in start-ups and jobs creation in new technologies. The “Tech city” district has been presented as London ecosystem’s symbol of excellence for digital companies. The British capital is the heart of finance, digital and FinTech in Europe. This is the reason why, Absys Cyborg has chosen to set up in London.


Absys Cyborg agencies abroad

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Absys Cyborg Paris supports you in your digital transformation with the deployment of Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba management software in France and internationally.

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Absys Cyborg Brussels supports you in your digital transformation with the deployment of Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba management software in Belgium and internationally.


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