ERP and CRM integrator and reseller in Le Havre

As a city committed to digital innovation, Le Havre aims to encourage companies to promote their digital transformation. Thanks to its position as a leader in the integration of business management software, Absys Cyborg has also established itself in Le Havre metropolis in order to encourage and support companies in the management of their software integration projects.

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ERP and CRM software integration

ERP software has changed information systems by simplifying the organization and access to data between the different services of a company. After several years of development, ERP solutions are now compatible with other business management software, especially CRM software.

CRM software, entirely dedicated to customer relationship management, has experienced significant growth in recent years. CRM in SaaS mode, in the cloud, is now an essential tool for the proper functioning of customer relations.

This is the reason why ERP and CRM software can be combined to optimize a company's resources. The interoperability between these two systems offers many advantages, such as the limitation of data entry errors, the access to information and the acceleration of operations.

The evolution of customer relations, the appearance of management software packages and the development of the cloud are factors that have contributed to the need for harmonization of tools within a company. That’s why Absys Cyborg supports you in the integration of business management software corresponding to your needs.


Absys Cyborg, partner of your digital transformation in Le Havre

As leader in the integration of management software, Absys Cyborg has more than 3000 satisfied customers in France and abroad. With more than 30 years of experience, Absys Cyborg has established itself in 15 cities in France and abroad. Its partnership with renowned software publishers such as Sage, Kyriba and Microsoft has enabled the consulting company to prove its know-how to companies of all sizes and sectors.

By providing you with personalized expertise and a complete solution, your project manager will provide you with advice that meets your business challenges. A tailor-made audit and support will help you choosing the best management solution that suits to your company's needs. The deployment is carried out in 4 phases in order to guarantee the smooth running of your project: initialization phase, configuration and design phase, validation, and user training phase and then, implementation phase of your solution and project launch.

Our support service is at your disposal throughout the integration of your software. Our experts will offer you customized solutions that correspond to your needs. Consultants from Absys Cyborg’s agency located in Le Havre are at your service to answer to your questions.


Le Havre Seine métropole and the Digital City

Since 2020, Le Havre Seine Métropole has set up La Cité Numérique which promotes the emergence of innovative projects in the metropolis. Thanks to this development, Le Havre Seine Métropole is participating in the development of a more attractive, dynamic, and sustainable intelligent territory.

La Cité Numérique is located in the heart of the city center campus, at the crossroads of higher education and research, forming a place of growth, exchange, and development of digital projects. Anchoring the urban community's digital ecosystem, La Cité Numérique promotes innovation and alliances between local players and innovative project leaders with coworking spaces, business incubators, etc.

As a pillar of the innovation strategy overseen by Le Havre Seine Métropole, La Cité Numérique brings together innovation players with the aim of making the territory attractive on both a national and international scale. A real economic development tool for entrepreneurship, La Cité Numérique aims to attract young talent, support start-ups, encourage innovative projects and promote the digital transformation of companies in the region.

Absys Cyborg has thus decided to join the ambitious projects of Le Havre metropolis in order to promote the digital development of companies in Le Havre and its surroundings.


Absys Cyborg agencies near Le Havre

Discover our two agencies near Le Havre:

Absys Cyborg Lille

Absys Cyborg Lille joins the cities labelled French Tech in order to support companies in their Sage, Kyriba and Microsoft software integration projects in Lille and its surroundings.

Absys Cyborg Rouen

Absys Cyborg Rouen and its local ecosystem have enabled the metropolis to obtain the French Tech Rouen Normandy Community label. Indeed, our consultants are able to advise you in your software integration projects.

Feel free to contact our office located near Le Havre