ERP and CRM integrator and reseller in Rouen

Already present in many French cities and abroad, Absys Cyborg has decided to open an agency in Rouen. Today, Rouen has several companies specialized in Information and Communication Technologies. Absys Cyborg wanted to join the local ecosystem of the metropolis in order to take part in the development of digital activities in the Rouen metropolis.

Said CHEBIRA - Regional Director


Agence of Rouen

170 Allée Robert Lemasson
Immeuble Newton
76230 Bois-Guillaume

  • Rouen Absys Cyborg Agency

CRM and ERP software integration

CRM and ERP software manage the performance of your company. By integrating these software packages, you can generate and organize customer relationship management as well as coordinate your company organizational flows.

Although these two systems cover different functional areas, ERP and CRM software are two complementary solutions. Indeed, the integration of these solutions brings significant advantages to a company: save time and money, the improvement of the customer service, better company productivity, as well as a greater forecasting capacity.

While CRM allows you to manage customers interaction and activity, ERP allow you to control your company resources. Therefore, the data of these management software can be combined in one environment.

Absys Cyborg is committed to providing you with innovative solutions to meet your company’s needs. Its know-how and its expertise rich of 30 years of experience have convinced companies in France and abroad also with the implementation of Absys Cyborg Global Solution allowing to accompany you on any type of international IS project.


Absys Cyborg, your partner in ERP and CRM software integration

Absys Cyborg advises you and accompanies you in every step of your integration project. We also remain at your disposal for every request arising after your software integration. Absys Cyborg’s mission is to make CRM and ERP software a real performance lever for your company.

Calling on a software integration software also means to take advantage to a personalized support during the length of your integration project. Absys Cyborg’s Practice council supports you in the digitalisation of your projects and the optimization of your business model. We are committed to bringing you concrete ideas and solutions to create a transformation strategy together.

As a partner of Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba, Absys Cyborg can guide you towards the solution best suited to your business challenges.

Our methodology is based on three pillars: advice, deployment, and support. Our project managers will start by carrying out an audit to advise you in the orientation and choice of your solution. In order to guarantee the smooth running of your project, our support service can provide you with all the elements necessary to successfully complete your project.


The emergence of digital technology in Rouen

Rouen has nearly 700 companies and more than 4,000 jobs in the Information and Communication Technologies field. The Rouen metropolis is recognized as an attractive city for the development of digital activities.

The Rouen Normandy French Tech Community label and the presence of business support networks contribute to the digital development of Rouen.

In addition to the presence of large groups within the city, the emergence of start-ups and SMEs demonstrates the potential of the Rouen metropolis in this field.

The French Tech Rouen Normandy community brings together many innovative and committed start-ups with important values of cohesion and development. French Tech Rouen represents a real local ecosystem. The aim of French Tech Rouen is to bring together the founders of start-ups so that they can exchange on their own experiences.


Absys Cyborg agencies near Rouen

Discover our two agencies near Rouen: 

Absys Cyborg Le Havre

Absys Cyborg Le Havre also participates in the development of digital with its Smart city project. Our experts from the agency located in Le Havre support you throughout your software integration project of Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba in Le Havre and its surrounding area.

Absys Cyborg Lille

Absys Cyborg Lille has also decided to point out digital development. Our agency located in Lille is able to advise you in the choice of your management software of Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba editors in Lille and its surrounding area.

Feel free to contact our office located near Rouen