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Like many companies in Marseille, you would like to make a digital transformation, Absys Cyborg is here to help you. As a certified reseller and integrator of Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba management software, our Marseille agency offers CRM and ERP solutions adapted to your company’s needs and business challenges.

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How can CRM and ERP integration be beneficial for your company in Marseille?

  In order to understand the need of a CRM and ERP integration within your Marseille business, it is necessary to understand the usefulness of these two tools.

  • Enterprise resources planning (ERP) aims to simplify and centralize operational processes within your company. By using a complete ERP software, your company has an easier [JM1] way to deal with the core element of your business.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems allow you to manage customer data, purchases and contact information which is invaluable to marketing teams. CRM software gives you the ability to get to know even more your customers and make more informed decisions when it comes to selling products to them or interacting with them.

CRM and ERP work better when they form a coherent unit. That’s why the integration of an ERP and CRM is a priority for many professionals. The ERP and CRM integration aims to ensure that automated and consistent information is shared between these two systems. This integration must be successful, which is why it is important to choose the right agency in Marseille.


Why call on Absys Cyborg Marseille? 

Absys Cyborg has many advantages to accompany you in your IT project.


The relationship with editors

Absys Cyborg is a Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba integrator and reseller. Thanks to its partnership with these big editors, your Marseille CRM agency is able to help you choose among many available solutions on the market.

The experience of a real professional

With 30 years of expertise in IT management, Absys Cyborg is able to provide concrete solutions with a view to ROI. Our offer is diversified in order to be able to propose business management software corresponding to all needs and specificities of any activity. 

Management capacity for all types of projects

Depending on the size of your company (SMB or mid-size company) and your sector of activity, our consultant and business experts will guide you in the choice of the most adapted solution to your needs and the business requirements.

Support and proximity

With Absys Cyborg, you can benefit from a personal support at each step of your software integration project and in the tools adoption so that you are entirely autonomous. To be even closer to you and for a better follow-up, Absys Cyborg has 13 agencies in France including one in Marseille as well as two other agencies in London and Brussels.


Digital transformation in Marseille and the South of France

The South of France has been able to start its digital transformation by becoming the second most digital French region in 2008. However, if digital was well used in the private domain, this was not the case in business life.

Remember that in 2018, The South of France launched a dedicated platform to the territory’s VSB and SMB in order to help them in their digital transformation. In the same year, the Digital Forum took place, an initiative of the local MEDEF (the National Confederation of French employers) to help the SMB of the South of France to become familiar with digital.

As part of the national plan to promote the digital transition of SMB and VSB, an agreement was signed between the government, MEDEF, and the region. This agreement is based on the refocusing of information in order to simplify the procedures. It is important to know that the South of France is the first French region that have signed such an agreement with the government.


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