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As leader in the integration of Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba management software, Absys Cyborg keeps proving its expertise over the years. With more than 30 years of experience and present in 15 cities in France and abroad, Absys Cyborg has succeeded in confirming its professionalism in the sector of Data administrative management for SMBs, mid-size companies and large groups. The involvement of the Nice Côte d’Azur metropolis in the digital field has thus convinced Absys Cyborg to set up there.

Michael SOUCHAY - Regional Director


Agence of Nice

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How to choose your Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba software integrator?

The choice of a management software depends at first on the needs of a company. Partner of Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba software, Absys Cyborg has chosen to collaborate with major publishers in order to guarantee companies the quality of the management software offered.

Absys Cyborg supports all types of companies (SMB, mid-size companies and large groups) from every field of activity. Our experts advise you in the choice of your management software and follow you throughout your digital transformation.

Today, Absys Cyborg has more than 3000 satisfied customers in France and abroad. We are able to provide you with all the necessary tools for the implementation of your business management software (payroll and human resource management, accounting management etc.) At first, we will start by carrying out an in-depth analysis of your company’s needs in order to offer you a personalized quote for your management software. We will then offer a demonstration of the software to familiarise you and make it easier to get started.


Absys Cyborg, your ERP and CRM software integrator in Nice

Absys Cyborg is specialized in Information Technology for over 30 years. Its expertise and know-how have satisfied many customers in France and abroad. As an actor of your digital transformation, Absys Cyborg works in partnership with renowned publishers such as Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba. Our project managers support you in the choice, implementation and integration of ERP and CRM solutions that best suit your company.

Absys Cyborg integrates innovative management software: ERP, CRM, treasury, accounting, BI etc. Our teams ensure that your information system better is improved and monitored enough functional and legal updates of complementary units.

The subsidiary of the Keyrus group is already present in 15 cities in France as well as internationally, in London and Brussels. Absys Cyborg decided to set up in Nice in order to develop its activity in one of the world’s leading smart cities.


Nice, the territory of technological evolution

City with strong economic potential, Nice created Smart City Innovation center in 2015, the first French platform that gathers actors from education, research, and leading companies of the smart city.

Within the framework of the IMREDD (Mediterranean Institute of Risk, Environment, and Sustainable Development) and with the development of Nice Sophia-Antipolis university, the Nice Côte d’Azur metropolis has created a group of industrial players to create the Smart City Innovation Center. Absys Cyborg has also chosen to set up its agency in the heart of Sophia Antipolis technology park. This ambitious project is a real opportunity for Nice- based companies wishing to improve their company’s digitalisation processes.

The Smart City Innovation Center project ensures a promising future for the Plaine du Var Eco Campus. It also helps to prepare the economic future of the territory and develop projects around the interconnected and sustainable metropolis. Theses projects lead to economic development and employment, and also optimise the management of the city to improve the life quality of its inhabitants.

This programme, located in the heart of the Eco Valley has enabled the filed of higher education and research to create a synergy with leading industrialists in the field of innovative and smart cities.


Our agencies near Nice

Discover our two agencies near Nice: 

Absys Cyborg Marseille

 Absys Cyborg Marseille is the actor of your digital transformation. We support companies based in Marseille from every kind of activity field in the choice of Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba management software.

Absys Cyborg Montpellier

Absys Cyborg Montpellier follows and advises you in the digital transformation of your company. Our Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba management software will allow you to precisely define your needs that match your expectations.


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