CRM and ERP integrator and reseller in Toulouse

Absys Cyborg supports you in your digital transformation as well as in the integration and deployment of Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba management software in Toulouse and the surrounding area.

Stéphane Davoine - Regional Director


Agence of Toulouse

37 Rue Paule Raymondis
31200 Toulouse

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Absys Cyborg: 30 years of expertise at your service!

With more than 30 years of expertise in IT management and with a team of highly competent ERP and CRM consultants, Absys Cyborg has an in-depth knowledge of business issues. Indeed, this allows us to deploy the best practices in each field of activity and to provide concrete solutions with a view to ROI.

As a reseller and integrator of software solutions for companies, Absys Cyborg assures you a digital transformation by accompanying you in the implementation of innovative and upgradeable tools. Depending on the size of your company in Toulouse (SMB or mid-size company) and your field of activity, our consultants and business experts will advise you in the choice of the most suitable software for your needs and business requirements.

With 13 agencies in France, including one in Toulouse, Absys Cyborg can provide you with a personal support at every step of your software integration project. Our goal is to make you entirely autonomous; Our dedicated consultants also ensure that you master the tools.


Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba certified integrator and reseller in Toulouse

As a certified reseller and integrator of Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba management software, our agency in Toulouse offers you CRM and ERP solutions adapted to your business challenges and the needs of your company (SMB, mid-size company or start up).

In partnership with three of the largest enterprise software companies, Absys Cyborg has the highest levels of certification from Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba.

Acknowledged by the biggest names, Absys Cyborg is an integrator and reseller of ERP and CRM software in which you can have total confidence. We select the best ERP and CRM on the market for you, successful tools, user-friendly and upgradeable in order to prepare the future of your company.


Toulouse goes from “The Pink city” to the “Open Metropolis”

“The Pink city” owes its reputation to its important place in the space and aeronautics field. Toulouse is also famous for being a technology hub with many cutting-edge industries such as IT, electronics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Since 2015, Toulouse wants to become an Open Metropolis through the 2015-2020 Smart City plan.

This project aims at transforming “The Pink City” into the first European positive energy city. Indeed, the goal is to make “The Pink City” a more modern, collaborative city that is in favour of making life easier for its inhabitants. Of course, to make it possible, the entrepreneurial field and the citizens must work together for the future of the city.

At Absys Cyborg, we are convinced that companies digitalisation contributes to the transformation of “The Pink City” into an Open Metropolis. As an actor of your digital transformation, Absys Cyborg advises and supports you in the development and deployment of innovative business solutions. You can though, contribute to the transformation of “The Pink City” as an Open Metropolis while preserving the DNA of the city.


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