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After setting up in many cities in France and abroad, the subsidiary of the Keyrus group has chosen to open its agency in Rennes. Today, Brittany is considered as a territory of digital innovation. The region is ranked 2nd nationally in terms of digital employment. Absys Cyborg has decided to join this remarkable progress to promote the digital transformation of companies located in the Rennes metropolis.

Said CHEBIRA - Regional Director


Agence of Rennes

Le Monselet
7 Rue de Châtillon
35000 Rennes

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Choosing ERP and CRM software for your company

ERP and CRM solutions are IT tools designed to improve the profitability and management of a company.

A CRM software allows you to standardize every step of customer relations. ERP software is used to control the financial management of a company. It is common to integrate CRM software with ERP software to improve customer relationship management and to plan a company's resources. This integration project allows sales teams to better target cross-selling and up-selling opportunities or access payment history information. Software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 allow you to integrate your ERP and CRM to centralise all your information.

CRM software is used by a company's sales staff to analyse customer behavior and better respond to their requests. Furthermore, an ERP system helps to increase revenues, reduce expenses, and ensure productivity.


Benefit from Absys Cyborg's expertise in ERP and CRM integration

Absys Cyborg's expertise has been proven for more than 30 years on a national and international scale. Despite the presence of numerous Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba software integration providers, Absys Cyborg has been able to distinguish itself thanks to its high levels of certification.

We support companies in their digital transformation by proposing management solutions adapted to their needs. In addition to guiding you in the choice of the management solution best suited to your company, our experts offer you a personalized support at each stage of your software integration project. A hotline is available to customers to facilitate exchanges.

Absys Cyborg wanted to establish itself in several cities in France. Today, its agencies are present in 13 French cities as well as internationally, in London and Brussels.

We work with all types of companies (SME, ETI, large groups) from all sectors of activity. You can thus benefit from a local service allowing Absys Cyborg Rennes to intervene on the Rennes metropolis.


Rennes and its network conducive to digital innovation

Many large groups have chosen to set up in Brittany for their digital transformation. Since its creation more than 10 years ago, the “Images et Réseaux” hub, which has a global vocation, has tended to promote projects based on new information, audiovisual and telecoms technologies.

In 2015, Rennes metropole and Saint-Malo agglomeration joined the 9 French territories that have won the "French Tech" label, an ecosystem that brings together start-ups to make France one of the most attractive countries in the world.

The Rennes metropolis is proving its involvement in digital innovation with the setting up of Digital Square, an incubator for digital and cybersecurity companies. Furthermore, the "Poool" coworking space has been created to encourage the emergence of startups and innovative technological companies in the region Ille-et-Vilaine.

As a region conducive to digital innovation, Brittany has become the first region to obtain the prestigious "Numérique Responsable" label. Absys Cyborg has chosen to set up its agency in Rennes to contribute to the digital innovation of the Rennes metropolis and to support companies in their digital transformation.


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