ERP and CRM integrator and reseller in Nantes

As an integrator and reseller of ERP and CRM software, Absys Cyborg supports you in your digital transformation. You will benefit from the skills of our consultants for the integration and deployment of Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba management software in Nantes and the surrounding area.

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Why implement ERP and CRM solutions?

Allowing to automate many processes within your company in Nantes (VSB and SMB), an ERP and CRM software is much more than a simple database. If you would like to manage and centralize essential elements to your business, ERP software will suit your needs. However, a CRM software will help you to increase sales and improve customer management by guiding you from pre-sales to after-sales.


Some good reasons to work with Absys Cyborg Nantes

The relationship with software publishers

Thanks to his partnership with renowned software publishers, Absys Cyborg Nantes selects only the best ERP and CRM software for your business. As a certified reseller and integrator of Sage, Microsoft and Kyriba management software, Absys Cyborg offers you high-performance, ergonomic, and scalable tools to prepare the future of the company.

An in-depth knowledge of business issues

With 30 years of expertise in administrative data processing, Absys Cyborg is well-qualified to deploy best practices in each business sector and to provide concrete solutions with a view to ROI.

According to the size of your company (SMB or mid-size company) and considering your sector of activity, the consultants and business experts of Absys Cyborg will be able to guide you towards the most adapted solution that suits your needs and specificities of your activity.

Support and closeness

With 13 agencies in France, including one in Nantes and two others in Brussels and London, Absys Cyborg wants to get closer to you. You can now benefit from a real proximity service allowing your agency in Nantes to provide you a personal support.

We will support you on each step of your software integration project and even after the integration. Our goal is to make you entirely autonomous. Our consultants will make sure that your team members are able to correctly use the new solutions.

Absys Cyborg in a few figures

Absys Cyborg is:

  • 30 years of experience in administrative data processing
  • 3300 customers in France and abroad with 65,5 million euros of turnover in 2020
  • 520 collaborators and 21 international partners
  • 13 agencies in France and 2 others abroad (Brussels and London)


Nantes, French Tech capital! 

Whether software publishers, resellers or software integrators, Nantes attracts digital professionals. Recognized for its digital ecosystem, which is rich in innovative structures, trainings courses and events such as the famous “Nantes Digital Week”, Nantes was awarded The French Tech Label in 2014.

The dynamism of its digital sector and its potential for start-ups enabled Nantes to be certified French Tech Capital five years later, in 2019. Johanna Rolland, mayor of Nantes and Nantes Metropole president highlighted the importance of the city regarding innovation and digital in France. This is a good new for attractiveness, the digital transformation of economic sectors and employment.

Indeed, since the “Nantes Tech” initiative, no less than 5722 jobs have been created in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire according to Nantes Metropole. Nantes also belongs to the thirteen-ecosystem selected by the Ministry. The label “Nantes Tech” has turned to “La French Tech Nantes”. As the capital, French Tech Nantes coordinates French Tech at the regional level with the five communities of Pays de la Loire, namely: Le Mans, Angers, La Vendée, Laval and Saint-Nazaire.


Absys Cyborg agencies near Nantes

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